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What tops with these summer skirts?

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shelldockley Wed 06-Jul-11 17:05:01

I got desperate for some summer clothes last week and ordered these skirts off ebay.


But I can't think of what tops to wear with them except boring fitted t'shirt types in white. Can any of you stylish types recommend some other options/colours? I'm a 10/12 and would rather not spend more than £30 per top (need a few).

shelldockley Wed 06-Jul-11 17:11:57

Oh...sorry, I can't figure out how to get the photos to work..

shelldockley Wed 06-Jul-11 17:15:07

Hope this works:

JamieAgain Wed 06-Jul-11 18:03:24

I'd go for a simple vest top in white, black or fuschia, tucked in, with a classy belt. Let the skirt do the talking.

Clure Wed 06-Jul-11 19:09:21

nice skirts, I second what JamieAgain advised.

madammecholet Wed 06-Jul-11 19:21:57

Agree, I would buy white, Navy & black string vest tops & a black and navy cardi. Wear with a jeans tan belt and wedges or flip flops, dependent on where you are going.


black & plum cardi this plum cardo would actually go with both skirts..

cropped cardi this would work well with the A line shapes of the black and purple maybe

shelldockley Thu 07-Jul-11 09:56:30

That's great, thankyou, I never thought of putting a belt with it, that would make it look much more stylish, thanks peeps!

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