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My bag on Ebay- any expert ebayers?

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strawberryjelly Tue 05-Jul-11 11:09:35

Have I got the price wrong?

I am a fairly seasoned Ebayer- 150, 100% feedback- and sell mainly up market high street- Boden, Jigsaw, Kew etc.

I am selling a bag- British designer- nice bucket style shoulder bag- beautiful leather- which I have used once. It's perfect.

I have started the auction at £60 which is less than half the original price of £150. No one is watching even.

Lots of lovely good photos, detailed description etc.

Is this price too high or maybe they just don't like the bag?

LovelyDaffs Tue 05-Jul-11 11:17:50

How old is it? I know you say you've only used it once, but was it made a few years ago?

I tend to look on ebay for specific items or specific brands/designers and often have a good idea of how much things go for, but am put off by a high starting price. For example I'm looking for a particular dress that retails at £100 there was one the other day with a starting price of £45 and I didn't bother even though I'd pay a bit more than that.

Try a lower starting price if you are prepared to except lower.

EldonAve Tue 05-Jul-11 11:26:01

link please

strawberryjelly Tue 05-Jul-11 11:59:39

It's only about a year old and is still very fashionable.

I don't want to link as my ebay account is in my name and I'd be outing myself here!

I suppose I can't see why anyone cannot see that £60 for a beautiful bag is a bargain when it costs over £150 new.

I wouldn't take less than £50 for it ,as I know what it is worth.

spout Tue 05-Jul-11 12:02:03

too ££. ebay is buyers market at the mo sad

TheLemur Tue 05-Jul-11 12:04:27

You just need a lower start price so people think they will be getting a bargain... exactly what LovelyDaffs says. It's all in the psychology. You can always put a reserve price on it.

strawberryjelly Tue 05-Jul-11 12:29:10

I'd thought about a reseve but the ebay fees are huge- it would be over £10 in fees it sold for £50- but I'll check. Thanks

faustina Tue 05-Jul-11 12:39:05

it might also just be that it's a brand no-one buys on ebay. Did you do a search to see if anything similar had been sold recently? Which make is it?

TattyDevine Tue 05-Jul-11 12:49:15

Is it the one where the designer starts with an O?

If so I would say its not a great time of year to be selling a bag that colour - its more of an Autumn Winter thing. Can you hold on to it for a few months? People just don't say "hey, what a beautiful sunny day, I really want a bag in [the colour the one I think it is, is]

Do you think it might be that?

strawberryjelly Tue 05-Jul-11 13:03:41

Tatty yes!!

And yes, I take the point.

I have got 1 watcher ( before price reduction.) some kind MNs no doubt.

I have reduced the price but added a reserve.
Horrified at Ebay fees for higher values- most stuff I sell goes for £20 -ish so it's neglible fees.

It's 10% of selling price plus another 2% for Reserve. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

TattyDevine Tue 05-Jul-11 13:13:05

True but think of the shop window they are letting you use.

I find eBay to be very seasonal. I have just sold some Phase Eight stuff I bought last year that I never wore, so brand new with tags, but last year, for pretty much what I paid for it - in fact one was more than I paid, one slightly less. Why did it sell so well? Because there are none of these items in the shops being last years, and wedding season is still in full force yet sale time is underway so if there is nothing they like in the shops now in their size they are stuffed and will pay anything for something that looks like its just what they need.

Whereas if I'd tried to sell the same items last November when I realised I probably wouldn't wear them I wouldn't have got nearly as much - people are thinking Christmas party not Garden party.

I've got some Christmas partyish stuff to sell which I'm hanging onto unti mid November.

I reckon bide your time if you are not getting the interest you want. Also, try and "let go" a little - if you know you are absolutely not going to use the bag, and it is only taking up space somewhere, some money is better than none. And if its not, perhaps you are not ready to let go of it...

strawberryjelly Tue 05-Jul-11 13:23:51

True. (My best friend's DH is also an Ebay director so being charitable it's money for her lol!)

I have recently bought myself a small Pippa bag lol- not tokeep up with Pippa but because I liked it and need a new bag that is not a shoulder bag.

I bought it on the "justification" of selling the other one for a fair price.

I usually do okay on Ebay- but if it doesn't sell I'll try again later when it's more autumn.

psiloveyou Tue 05-Jul-11 17:19:14

Did you post the other day and say what the designer is (bird). If so I wouldn't pay that. The bags are lovely but you can buy them new in the outlet stores or TK Maxx for around that price.

madammecholet Tue 05-Jul-11 17:56:33

Is it Oushka?? Own Barry?? I am intrigued...grin

EldonAve Tue 05-Jul-11 18:15:50


madammecholet Tue 05-Jul-11 18:45:01

Come on OP, I cannot advise on the price until I know the brand! I do ebay alot, and have sold some pretty lovely handbags on there as I am a handbag addict lover and have to have frequent clear outs!

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