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Best foundation for greasy/acne prone skin?

(4 Posts)
TinyDiamond Mon 04-Jul-11 12:39:15

Am 34 weeks pg was hoping skin would settle but actuallly in the warm weather it is getting worse.
Been using Clinique blemish solutions but it isn't really suiting my skin and even the palest shade looks orangey (I am very fair)
Need good coverage due to scarring and redness and preferably a matt finish as I tend to get shiny very quickly even setting with powder.
Any tips appreciated

QuinnFabray Mon 04-Jul-11 14:33:44

A good primer will go a long way in keeping your foundation from sliding off your face. I have very oily skin, and use MAC spf 50 prep and prime. It acts live a glue almost, keeping the foundation on, makes a huge difference, but still seems to let my skin breathe and doesnt cause break outs.

I use it with either Diorskin Nude, or Bourjois Healthy Mix ( which I think I prefer despite being a third of the price ).

I also rate Skindinavia no more shine setting spray, which I have to buy from the States at the moment, but that really helps keep my make up in place.

DonaAna Mon 04-Jul-11 18:24:39

Revlon Colorstay in Ivory. The best. Moisturize very throughly and use an oil- based make-up remover though.

MatLeaveForever Mon 04-Jul-11 18:42:42

I use No. 7 Stay Perfect in Alabaster - the lightest shade. Works better with a primer underneath but I also found Clinique really orange on me.

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