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What do people wear to the Great Yorkshire Show?

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rosebyanothername Mon 04-Jul-11 08:07:54

We're all going for the first time next week. We go to our (small) local show every year which is nothing fancy - jeans, wellies, jumper etc but I can imagine the Yorkshire show is likely to be a bit more posh smile

worldgonecrazy Mon 04-Jul-11 10:21:49

It depends what you're doing at the show and how old you are. Standard uniform for the under 30s is usually a pair of Dubarry boots, or similar, tweed mini skirt and shirt/polo shirt with some witty slogan about fillies.

If you're judging classes then dresses/skirts are the norm for women.

If you're just looking around stands then I'd wear comfy layers. The standard clothing I wear to these type of events is my best shooting boots, jeans, a good quality plain cotton shirt, and light cashmere jumper.

chocolateteabag Mon 04-Jul-11 12:54:34

You could always use it as an excuse to shop while you are there. I did that at the last Game Fair I went to. Was wearing wrong" thing (in my eyes) and "had " to buy some Joules stuff.
Sadly DH wouldn't let me near the Dubarry Stand sad

oohlaalaa Mon 04-Jul-11 13:07:59

I would never spend the eyewatering money on Dubarry's. I was in young farmers, farmer's daughter and farmer's wife, and have never bought into the tweed sloaney style. Just go with what you feel comfortable in.

Myself, if it's a nice day, pretty summer dress and flat sandals (shorts really don't suit me). If it is rubbish, slim fitting jeans, hunter wellies, shirt and jacket.

Good luck.

chocolateteabag Tue 05-Jul-11 03:59:56

But they were serving champagne the sneaky gits but you are right. The sloaney tweed mini and dubarry boots only look good on willowy 19 year olds not fat knee'd me.
And even then in large numbers at the shows they do all look a bit stepfordy after a while.

rosebyanothername Tue 05-Jul-11 09:04:51

Thanks for your replies. We're just going to wander about the stands really and we're all well stocked up with Joules and hunters already so we should be fine, I will maybe sling a gilet on and blend in with the masses! Agree about the Dubarry boots, they look really good on the willowy teenagers but god they are so ubiquitous (and £££). I do have some similar boots from much much cheaper Cabotswood but I tend to just wear them in bad weather mainly in the winter, they look a bit battered now and I don't want to show myself up amongst the dubarry crowd smile

I was a bit concerned that we'd turn up and find everyone else in smart tweed and my family would stand out like sore thumbs in our jeans and wellies!

worldgonecrazy Tue 05-Jul-11 09:35:47

rose I agree about the Dubarrys being ubiquitous, I don't wear them myself for exactly that reason. I've not been to any country shows this year but hope to get to a couple of Game Fairs in the early Autumn. I'm hoping you will be able to report the demise of the Dubarry, and if we're really lucky, the demise of the oh-so-witty-filly-statement polo shirts.

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