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pandora jewellry

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threadsoffeeling Sun 03-Jul-11 13:13:13

can anyone tell me where i can buy a pandora braclet online. i mean the original stuff.

Carrotsandcelery Sun 03-Jul-11 13:14:39

John Greed

Carrotsandcelery Sun 03-Jul-11 13:15:39

This is their website

threadsoffeeling Sun 03-Jul-11 13:17:58

thank you.

Do you know why the gold ones are so expensive? i was hoping they would be a lot less than £1300

Carrotsandcelery Sun 03-Jul-11 13:42:44

I have no idea - they are shockingly expensive. I only have silver but think the gold would have been lovely.

I have a rose gold London Links that I was given as a very expensive gift and don't think I could ever justify buying a charm for it as they are £££ as well.

LadySybil Sun 03-Jul-11 13:58:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Carrotsandcelery Sun 03-Jul-11 14:11:55

Aww Sybil - I have to admit I was pretty shocked when I received mine. I usually get much more modest and sensible gifts. You just never know where a lovely surprise will spring from!

RichTeaAreCrap Sun 03-Jul-11 18:54:35

You can get silver and gold mixed charms that are nice too. Mine is a mixture - I have some silver charms on it, some gold and some mixed. Buy the bracelet and then add your own charms.

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