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H D Brows

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upahill Sun 03-Jul-11 00:02:36

What are HD brows?
How are they different to being threaded?

Bishoplyn Sun 03-Jul-11 12:09:30

Hi! I've just started getting this done in a local salon. Its BRILL.
Its tinting, plucking, waxing and threading. It takes about half an hour.
My brows are really thick and it makes a huge difference to my whole face. I constantly get comments now on how good my brows look.
You have to do an allergy test with their tint before you can have it done.
Give it a go!!

upahill Sun 03-Jul-11 19:04:22

Sounds good.
Normally I just get them threaded and my eyelashes permed and tinted.

apple99 Sun 03-Jul-11 19:10:33

I had awful, very thin eyebrows after years of overplucking, a friend recommended HD Brows and I went about 6 times (once a month) and now have much thicker, nicely shaped brows. The woman who did them drummed into me about not touching them at all between treatments and helped me get the shape I wanted.

Now my brows are a better shape I just get them tinted and threaded instead of the whole HD treatment as I can maintain them nicely myself, but would highly recommend if you like the well defined look.

gettingolderbytheday Sun 03-Jul-11 20:03:24

How much does this all cost? If you need a course it sounds as if it might be expensive.

Havingkittens Sun 03-Jul-11 20:13:07

Just copied and pasted this from a recent thread the other week where someone asked me about HD Brows as I mentioned I'd done the training recently...

HD Brows is a 7 step process to create the prefect brow for the person's face shape. Either from scratch/reasonable beginnings or to rectify what I less politely than you call sperm brows! Or any other dreadful plucking casualties.

It starts off with tinting the whole brow hair area, even the downy ones around the edge. Once that's done you decide the shape, based on the client's face shape, and mark them out with a china marker. Then the brows are waxed, top and bottom in quite a thin line. This is one of the areas where it really differs from a traditional brow wax as they used to say you shouldn't wax the top, but it does give much more control over the shape in that if the original shape is too flat you can give more of a lift to the shape. This is also why the downy hairs are dyed too so that they fill in any gaps where the shape has been changed. Then the brows are threaded outside of the waxing area, top and bottom to blend away any little hairs. Then after that they go around the edge of the brow with a pair of tweezers and tidy up any hairs "outside of the brow line". If you are starting off with a reasonable shape or amount of brow to start with you can get them looking good straight away but if you are training brows into shape from bad shape then it can take a few months of treatments. They apply and sell a growth product to apply to the areas that need filling in and also a pencil that they use to draw in brush strokes in the meantime, which is a bit like a china marker in black or brown, depending on your colouring. Then finish off with a clear brow gel to train the hair growth into the right direction.

Prices vary from £30-50 depending on where you get it done and how much experience the technician has.

apple99 Sun 03-Jul-11 20:15:46

It cost me £20 each time I went. I know she has moved salon recently and charges £30 now.

upahill Sun 03-Jul-11 20:58:43

The academy near my friend charge £28.
I was curious about it because I now pay £2.50 for eyebrow theading so it seems like a huge amount of money!!

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