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Hair Loss

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poppymum11 Sat 02-Jul-11 22:15:21

Hi Ladies
Just looking for some advice...I had my baba 5 months ago and during my pregnancy my hair was in great condition however recently I have noticed that it is falling out quite a bit! Even running my fingers through it pulls out clumps...getting a bit worried and paranoid and just wondered if this was natural due to hormones and if there is anything I could or should be taking to improve the matter!
Thank you x

TattyDevine Sat 02-Jul-11 22:18:27

Natural! Due to hormones!

You don't shed hair in pregnancy, apparently, but then you shed the lot in the months after. You shouldn't go on to have less hair than before pregnancy, just the same, but it may seem like less if you are used to the thick lusterous hair of pregnancy.

Then you'll get this weirdy downy growth at the hairline as you grow a new layer of hair.

Its really weird but normal and temporary.

Chill though, its all fine!

Hell I totally blocked our ensuite shower after I had my daughter, we had to get all acid and stuff put down there because it formed a plug and started to stink, basically! ROFFLE. It was really gross.

poppymum11 Sat 02-Jul-11 22:28:05

Thank GOD TattyDevine! Was starting to panic! I've never had thick hair but during pregnancy it was great now its all disappearing again!! Hair is everywhere blooming nightmare! Notice that round the hair line its very thin indeed and I'm seeing alot of scalp...eeks!

So no need to take any vitamins etc...? I attempted to take some pregnacare tabs after I had baba but kept forgetting them so gave up!!

Och well if its all hormones I can cope with that!!

TattyDevine Sat 02-Jul-11 23:31:38

I shouldn't think vits will make a difference unless you are malnourished which I doubt. Don't worry, you'll get a new bit of growth soon once the shedding phase goes dormant! Weird stuff is hair.

poppymum11 Sun 03-Jul-11 00:02:10

At least I'm not the only one going through it...hopefully the hair will stop falling out sometime soon!! Thanx!!

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