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What colour shoes?

(12 Posts)
MyDingaling Sat 02-Jul-11 18:46:34
Have bought this dress for a 21st birthdaay party but I am not sure what colour shoes.
I like these but I am not sure.

MyDingaling Sat 02-Jul-11 20:29:13

Please help!!

BikeRunSki Sat 02-Jul-11 20:34:51


Wafflepuss Sat 02-Jul-11 20:35:30

Nude I think.

tethersend Sat 02-Jul-11 20:37:38

Was coming on to say Orange- those Next ones are lovely.

MyDingaling Sat 02-Jul-11 20:42:32

Not sure about nude, I have very very white legs that don't respond to fake tan.
Will nude make legs look whiter confused

tethersend Sat 02-Jul-11 20:51:51

I think a bright clashy colour like green, orange, pink or yellow would work better than nude, TBH.

MyDingaling Sat 02-Jul-11 20:58:50

I like those shoes tethersend but would never be able to walk in them, can just about manage platform heels!!!
I have decided on brights but thanks to the nude suggestions.
I love green shoes - have got quite a few pairs but all flats.
Would appreciate help finding some green, platform but not too high shoes!

strawberryjelly Sat 02-Jul-11 21:09:26

Lots of possibles- nude, orange, bright fuschia pink, - depends on your personality and if you want " statement" shoes.

Tillyscoutsmum Sat 02-Jul-11 21:27:50

too high ?

not platform but low heel

I think pink would look great too


more pink

nudey pink

slightly bonkers but i like them !

fatandknackered Sat 02-Jul-11 21:32:13

I would say fuschia pink

MyDingaling Sat 02-Jul-11 21:57:40

I have some fuchsia pink shoes!!! Lovely ones with ruffles that would match dress perfectly.
I forgot all about them, bought them for my DB's wedding! DH just reminded me about them - they are in the loft!! blush
Maybe I have too many pairs of shoes!!!
Will try them on and see how they look!

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