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We're AVIDly buying Agnes, Anya & Ash (all very WISE buys!)

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OllieinOrange Sat 02-Jul-11 09:13:46

Time for a new thread.....

roary Sat 02-Jul-11 10:17:43

Well done Ollie!

Ants Kate clearly looks spectacular in my Issa - to be honest I think DH is trying to curry favour with the imaginary friends!! smile

anniemac Sat 02-Jul-11 10:18:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notyummy Sat 02-Jul-11 10:34:49

Hi all- thanks for new thread Ollie. On wi fi in nice hotel I have taken DH to for a night to celebrate end of his course. Had dinner here last night and wore new Karen Millen silk black and grey dress (I think you have it too Petit- have you worn it yet?) DH approved. Glad I made the effort as everyone dressed up for dinner, Inc a table of transvestites who have come away for the weekend to show off their outfits. I was chatting to them last night about clothes and said I never get enough chance to wear all MY outfits either!! They said I should come away with them as they change for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner grin. DH sympathised with them over the difficulty of finding shoes to fit as he once had to dress up for a work dinner (don't ask...)

I am exfoliated, fake tanned, nails done, bliwdry booked- but bloody hayfever means I run the risk of being red eyed and nosed. Off to the pharmacist shortly.

Sorry that was me, me, me'

Annie- I am with you on the tiredness and the feeling that you need to do EVERYTHING. Bah. And WAN- I know exactly how annoying that comment from your dh must be!

blossoming Sat 02-Jul-11 11:03:36

Morning all. Thanks for new thread ollie.
roary, Kate must have been lurking when you bought yours! I think she's too thin, and looked older with that up do. I'm not a fan of updos though as they never suited me.

I cannot seem to shake my bad mood. Maybe chips for lunch will help. I don't feel I have a moment to myself to even breathe without someone wanting something. I suppose I'm panicking about the work I need to do before September. On that note the new Head wants to issue a press release about my new position and I need to have a photo taken on Monday. Cap sleeve DVF? It's supposed to be warm.

carciofi Sat 02-Jul-11 11:07:24

Hi, great title, Ollie.
I know the feeling about doing everything though I can't complain today as DH slept in the sitting room and looked after the baby in the night.

Blindassassin, yes, you are right, the first few weeks are the worst. She is three weeks old tomorrow already!

DVF sounds good, Bloss.

I can't see your Issa photo, Roary.

Baby crying, back later.

pickledsiblings Sat 02-Jul-11 12:20:23

Goodmorning All smile

Annie, I just wanted to say like others, that you are doing a fantasic job both inside and outside the home and that is something that you should be really proud of. It is so difficult to be a perfectionist in the home sphere but perhaps not quite so difficult in the work one. You can't compare the two roles so just look to your girls, who are clearly lovely, and you will know that what you are doing is nothing short of marvellous. I for one certainly marvel at your ability to do so much so well. Be kind to yourself smile.

Bloss, I laughed when I read your post, but only because I can totally understand where you are coming from. It is going to be such a different experience working FT post DC but there are some fantastic role models on this thread as you know.

Roary, I think the Issa makes KM's body look disproportionately long, so I'm with your DH on this one. What colour is yours?

<waves to everyone else and thanks for the new thread Ollie>

ReineDeSaba Sat 02-Jul-11 12:25:41

Dashing in to mark my spot on the new thread Ollie has started..thank you!

our annual '4th july' picnic today so keeping everything crossed weather holds..have dressed girls and myself in red,white and blue stars and stripe outfits to tickle DH

Ollie have finally noted down THE shortbread recipe but what temp. should I bake at,please?

carciofi ..I opened the door..those jeans are something else!lovely crumpet scarves,by the way.

bloss DVF always works for me..I love it.

right,off to finish food prep..have lovely days all especially poor exhausted annie

carciofi Sat 02-Jul-11 12:47:20

Reine, enjoy the picnic! I always miss the US around this time of year.

Annie, I agree, you are doing a fab job.

NY, the KM dress sounds great. So will you have your DH home again?

Just checked my eBay listings and a Hobbs coat I am selling because it is too similar to my new Weekend Maxmara coat has already reached the price I paid for it. Sometimes eBay is fantastic!

I took DD1 to the playground and she was shouting "help boys, help", when I eventually picked her up and carried her out as she refused my not unreasonable requests to leave after an hour. What will she be like as a teenager?!

MarshaBrady Sat 02-Jul-11 13:28:05

Love Kate Moss's dress. Her dd is beautiful.

Thanks for new thread Ollie

Anniemac I can relate to tiredness. But from sleep deprivation in first year. Worst sleeper in the world. Noises hurt. You are doing well to work I hope your first year of sleep was better!

Bloss it's normal imo to feel jittery before new job and a bit pushed. DVF sounds great.

Carciofi glad your dh is helping a lot.

Roary big move for your dh soon!

happy weekends pickled, reine, ny

Crunching through the biggest clean up in the world, to match the new walls and lights.

ALthough now of course I want a new Plain English kitchen and parquet flooring. <weeps>

FritziGreenEyes Sat 02-Jul-11 13:41:38

ollie Thanks for new thread smile.

carciofi Lovely of your DH to take over the night shift for DD2.

annie Any chance of a sneaky nap in the afternoon?

reine Would love to see a pic of your family in stars and stripes!

bloss Yes to DVF. You will look fab! Can you send DH to playground/somewhere with the DCs for an hour so you have a little space to breathe? I met a friend for lunch today (on my own) and it was bliss to just sit and chat over lovely food for a few hours. As you had asked: On Sunday I ended up wearing navy maxi dress to meet my friend. Was fashion forward enough as there were so many people in bootcut jeans, flipflops and ill-fitting tops. I know I'm mean but I love my wardrobe so much and find it so easy to get dressed now because I only have things that I really like and look great.

roary I agree with MrRoary! Of all the Canada-outfits I like Kate least in the purple Issa. Think her chest is too bony and it somehow doesn't seem to fit her as well as her other dresses.

notyummy Sounds like quite an exciting weekend! grin at your DH discussing footwear with transvestites. And congrats on the prize he won!

I am wearing white skinnies plus navy Vince jumper and new Mulberry scarf as it is so cold today. Love my NAP sale bargains wink.

petitdonkey Sat 02-Jul-11 14:43:28

Just marking spot - great thread title!!

Today I am wearing my grey Houlis and this top with my beloved, three yr old Jigsaw flats. I felt very fashion forward at 'Laser Rush' with 20 7yr olds!! We now have to wade through the huge pile of presents - I wish I had the guts to just request a fiver and be done with it.

Emo76 Sat 02-Jul-11 16:14:15

hello hello

IMO Royal Kate's Issa dress looks a size too big on her. Liked Kate Moss's wedding dress, think 14 bridesmaids a bit greedy though :-)

Popped to shops today with DD2 in tow, teething in buggy, not really condusive to buying but I did get two tops in Hoss Intropia where I have never shopped before - both t-shirty material, one white with a silk tie front and one cream with a black macrame sort of thing around the neck. I will try to find some links. Had to give up and come home after that though!

AntPants1 Sat 02-Jul-11 16:43:03

Thanks for new thread ollie and also for shortbread recipe. I made it this morning with my niece and DD and it was a triumph!!!!

bloss DVF sounds perfect.

carciofi you sound so chilled!

Had a lovely moment this afternoon. Had DC all morning, along with niece. DH came and met us for lunch at pizza place. Then drve my niece and DD off to my mums as she is having them for the night. On the way back stopped off in Richmond to take top back to Jigsaw. Still with me? Anyway had 30 mins left on the parking meter so sat on the green watching the cricket having a 99 with a flake. Bliss!!!

happilyeverafter Sat 02-Jul-11 17:45:18

Agree with Mr Roary KM looking too thin in Issa. She looks very elegant in other outfits but that hung off her in a very unflattering way.

NY. Sounds like you and DH are having a great time, what a bizarre and very funny conversation about the shoes!

I decided that house cleaning could wait and shopping couldn't so had a afternoon at the shops. Bloss none of your lovely capris in Zara but got some alternatives, great fit everywhere but oddly tight calves. Decided to purchase and try at home away from sale madness.

Emo I got a navy Minna, lovely on also a striped cotton/cash sweater. Reiss sizing seemed off though, i took a small in both.

MarshaBrady Sat 02-Jul-11 17:58:32

I just looked at that purple Issa dress on KM. She looks like she is getter thinner still.

anniemac Sat 02-Jul-11 18:14:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wideawakenurse Sat 02-Jul-11 19:23:33

Thank you for the thread Ollie.

Agree about K-Mid, she is looking very thin indeed. The colour of the Issa is beautiful on her though.

I loved Kate Moss's wedding dress though, I think she pulled off that relaxed look perfectly. Her daughter is very pretty too.

Good reiss haul happily I have the Freya in blush - it's a great wear with anything top, and have had lots of wear out of it.

fritzi can't believe it's cold now for you. We have had a warm sunny day again here. Dare we say we are having a summer?

Reine your DD's outfits sound lovely. Hope you have a good picnic.

Bloss sorry to hear you are feeling overwhelmed. You have made some massive, yet exciting, decisions of late, and I can understand your need to get as many things done before you start the new job. We are all here for help, advise or just a sounding board. You were all so supportive to me when I went back to work.

petit I was thinking about this thread today, and it suddenly popped into my head that you asked me which fake tan I use a while back, and I forgot to answer! Well, I use Johnsons daily for a light every day top up, but when I need to big guns I like Origins The Great Pretender. Easy to use, minimal streaks. Need to exfoliate prior though. However, I don't think you can beat a well applied spray tan by a therapist. Not the nicest experience of standing in a pair of paper pains whilst having a paint job done, but hey needs must. grin

Right, just need to get DS to bed and then I have a style challenge for you...I'll be back.

Emo76 Sat 02-Jul-11 19:45:23

bloss I have been in a foul mood today too for no particular reason. I just know that you are going to ace your new job though - so hang on in there and think of the style opportunities it will present!

Anyone else wondering why Prince Albert of Monaco got married in a Colonel Sanders (KFC) suit...?!

OllieinOrange Sat 02-Jul-11 19:51:30

So what do we think of Charlene of Monaco wedding outfits?
I thought she looked beautiful - loved the shape of the dress (but would have preferred it without the beading - thats just my taste tho). Did you see the pics of her at the concert on Thurs ev - she looked amazing in black skinnies. And I thought she was one of the best dressed at Kate and William's wedding - grey frock coat with large cream hat. I think I have a new girl crush shock

OllieinOrange Sat 02-Jul-11 19:55:13

Bloss and Emo - I have been really narky all day today too. DH arrived back at lunchtime and I just couldn't shake off my irritable mood. He now keeps looking at me like a wounded deer which is making me feel more than a little guilty. Am now happy wife again (amazing what 2 glasses of cava can do!)

blossoming Sat 02-Jul-11 20:00:07

Thanks everyone for your concern. I have ordered so many language teaching books and I know I need to read all of them and take notes and write policies based on them. For example one arrived today about 'making the case for modern languages'. They are so interesting, I get so enthusiastic about my profession again, it's just I have ds shouting at me, dd clinging to my legs, sticky fingers everywhere, and dh really busy, and parents away.

On a positive note, I cannot believe I almost sold the dvf cap sleeve this year. I took such a good photo of it I decided not to go through with it. It is now the perfect length for my beautiful flats, just a little more J&J tomorrow and Monday morning, and perfect.

anniemac Sat 02-Jul-11 20:36:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

roary Sat 02-Jul-11 21:16:34

Hello all
Funnily enough my dad (who arrived from Canada today) thinks KMid is way too thin - and as he says he likes slender women. He said he could use a cake or two!

I'll try to find an Issa picture for you all smile

WAN hope DH is much improved.

NY what a fab dinner.

BLoss agree- you will figure it out!! And be a beautifully dressed star.

Annie sometimes I get very down about my lack of domestic management skills but i don't think it would be any better if I weren't working - I'd just be a bit less frantic. Agree with pickled about perfectionism.

wideawakenurse Sat 02-Jul-11 21:18:32

annie there are some great dairy free recipes over on the allergy board - have a browse through some of the recent pages and you should find some.

So, I need a dress. DH and I are going out for dinner for his birthday in a few weeks. I want to dress up as we so rarely go out together. I have a Coast dress that I love the shape of, but I wear it to every event we go to, so would like something else to wear. The shape is similar to this LK Bennet which would be perfect, but I would like a more slinky material, such as stretched silk. However, that shape suits me perfectly.

Any ideas?

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