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Monsoon sale now on

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Mumelie Fri 01-Jul-11 18:10:47

Monsoon sale now on!!!!!

vigglewiggle Fri 01-Jul-11 18:12:37

It's a bit rubbish though! Not much of a discount considering the original price.

Mumelie Fri 01-Jul-11 18:15:30

True, just been looking through and the 2 dresses I want are not reduced yet sad

tethersend Fri 01-Jul-11 18:30:54

Do their sizes come up big or small?

Mumelie Fri 01-Jul-11 18:32:52

I find they used to be big but are skimpy on the bust now (maybe its just me). I'm a 14 most places but would be between a 14 and 16 in a fitted dress there.

JemimaMop Fri 01-Jul-11 18:37:20

I couldn't find much that I wanted, which is probably a good thing bearing in mind the size of the parcels that have arrived from Boden and Land's End blush

I usually buy their smart jeans in the sale but they haven't been reduced this year.

JoleneJoleneJoleneJoleeene Fri 01-Jul-11 21:37:14

Not in store yet

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