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Calling fellow handbag addicts (Mme etc) ...

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Conundrumish Fri 01-Jul-11 17:18:47

[[ anyone else really like Kate's bag?]

brookeslay Fri 01-Jul-11 17:19:50

yes I bought one ! naughty huh

brookeslay Fri 01-Jul-11 17:20:08

black one as red is sold out

Conundrumish Fri 01-Jul-11 17:20:31

was meant to be a link like this blush

Conundrumish Fri 01-Jul-11 17:20:57

Oooh Brookeslay - I'm so envious!

brookeslay Fri 01-Jul-11 17:24:24

I nearly bought the Polly Mulberry too but I`m being good. I like navy bags though yesterday I went to House of Fraser in Birmingham and was told to come back in a couple of weeks to get full choice of the new seasons bags.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Fri 01-Jul-11 18:30:01

It's lovely but why is she carrying it back to frontconfused

I do love Mulberry bags.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Fri 01-Jul-11 18:32:03

The other thing I thought a bit odd was carrying the clutch bag at the war memorial, what could she possibly have needed to carry!

GillyMac93 Fri 01-Jul-11 18:52:16

Mulberry bags are wonderful! Even if your in old clothes nipping to the shops with your mulberry makes you feel posh !:D

madammecholet Fri 01-Jul-11 19:20:56

<waves at pinkpanettonne> MOI? a handbag addict grin

LOVED the fact she wore a Mulberry, and loved the colour, however although this is a lovely looking bag, brookeslayenvy I did think the Polly was a tad 'officey' for a plane ride. If it were me I would have picked something more relaxed like a somerset tote or a Lily....BUT big huge well done for picking a British brand and wearing it SO well!

brookeslay Fri 01-Jul-11 19:35:28

I agree it was slightly office looking I think sometimes Mulberry don`t photograph that well they look so much nicer close up. The sales girl yesterday got me fresh new ones to try from the store room then we looked at leather swatches lots of lovely colours for A/W.

PaintedToenails Fri 01-Jul-11 20:17:51

Lovely bag but HOW MUCH???

[falls over in shock then tries desperately to control her bloody envy at the flash cow lucky lady who said she's bought one....]

Conundrumish Sat 02-Jul-11 22:11:42

I thought you'd be along soon Mme! grin

RichTeaAreCrap Sun 03-Jul-11 00:14:19

I do like that mulberry - I agree its a bit more office looking. I prefer the Tily Tote.

chipstick10 Sun 03-Jul-11 23:01:04

I do like the polly but i dont love it. I like the taylor.

StyleandBooty Mon 04-Jul-11 10:01:24

Got an oversized Alexa in Watermelon half price this morning courtesy of Net a Porter. Now I'm just hoping that nothing goes wrong between warehouse and my house!

(They had a gold Bayswater for £300 too).

JohnniesBitch Mon 04-Jul-11 14:21:34

i brought the sophie tote and hobo in the sale and they are lovely, much nicer than the polly. the polly is verging on queen like, although i guess if anyone is legitamatley (excuse spelling if its wrong) verging on queen like its KM smile

Conundrumish Tue 05-Jul-11 18:05:36

My Blondie Mania bag arrived about 1.5-2 weeks ago. Lining gone already. My bag search starts again ...

madammecholet Tue 05-Jul-11 18:41:01

pinkpanettone you're not the first who's had a bad experience with Blondie Mania......I have a friend who bought one and it broke really quickly too.. Are they refunding? What are you looking for?

Conundrumish Tue 05-Jul-11 20:07:25

Something big with nice quality leather, but cheap! Maybe something in sale reduced from £200 to £100.

Really fed up about bag. I will be liable for postage I expect and I have already incurred expensive return costs of a bag from Osprey that faded in first 8 weeks. Grrrrr. It had crazily thin lining and they are saying I put too much in it (I actually weighed my things before putting them in as there was a weight restriction on the label - sounds like they have had this problem before).

madammecholet Tue 05-Jul-11 20:15:57

pink distance selling regs mean that BM are liable for return costs if bag is faulty. Argue the toss with them....

What colour, style etc, i'll have a sale rummage for you wink

Conundrumish Tue 05-Jul-11 20:19:44

Ahh, I had forgotten that Mme (we had an issue with furniture years ago and I researched all that stuff).

Colour - neutral and dark
style - not sure . Like really good quality leather though

Conundrumish Tue 05-Jul-11 20:20:18

PS feel bad about bag as they were lovely on the phone initially - but that's not much use if the bag lasts two weeks before the lining breaks ...

madammecholet Tue 05-Jul-11 20:25:13

pink anything in this lot?



peony & moore




red direct

Conundrumish Tue 05-Jul-11 20:39:15

Lovely Mme - thank you grin

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