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Asleep for 3 years - serious fashion advice needed

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PinkSchmoo Fri 01-Jul-11 16:00:13

Realised that I've been pregnant or breast feeding for 3 1/2 years. Still bf and got a bit of weight to come of but I have realised that most clothes I have bOught in that time are just too bloody dull.

I am bored silly with myself, big birthday in just over 2 months and need ideas on how to completely update my wardrobe. Don't know were to start!

DS is 8 wo and I know I have more things to worry about but I am just so uninspired.

Off to buy hair dye and magazines.

pissedrightoff Fri 01-Jul-11 17:32:35

You could be me, Had DD in July 2009, DS is 8 weeks old and I too am bored rigid of all my clothes. I need help so shall lurk on your thread if you don't mind.

PinkSchmoo Fri 01-Jul-11 18:02:33

Maybe we should form a support group?

Someone needs to save me from an M&S wardrobe.... Not per una but given time ....

DonaAna Sat 02-Jul-11 22:02:26

I had the same problem about 6 months ago. I woke up, got fresh highlights, bought some new make-up, revised my skincare routine, threw nearly all of my old clothes away, updated my jeans, spent a bit on NAP and Outnet, and feel pretty good now. Either skinny or kick-flare jeans, ballerinas and pair of H&M Swedish Hasbeens have been a great start for everyday wear. Plus a couple of lovely Malene Birger tops go with everything. I wear lots of bright solid colors, but also buy basics in black and tan, and only continue wearing shapes and trends that flatter me.

A warning, I had a buying spree when my DD1 was 6 weeks old out of sheer boredom - I've had to recycle all those clothes, as I continued to lose weight. And then gained a bit back right after stopping BFing.

PinkSchmoo Sun 03-Jul-11 20:03:30

Spent my bf time looking at mags this weekend and trying to decide what looks would work for me.

Weighed myself and decided a bit of toning is required before I buy any more than a new top! Plan to start c25k tomorrow and book personal shopper session at house of Fraser at end of month to get some ideas.

Know my body will change a fair bit up to the year mark and don't want to do investment pieces for trousers/tops but can't wait that long to start to feel like me.

Think I may risk a new hairdresser... Happy with mine but I have short hair and I think they get into a rut.

So, short term I'm going to exercise and try to get my body a bit more back with the incentive of a few new bits at the end of the month.

MrsCampbellBlack Sun 03-Jul-11 20:29:31

Right so a little more information please smile

I was pretty much pregant or bf for 5 years so I know what its like.

How tall are you and what size? And are we talking NAP or new look budget?

Also with regards to bf are you happy to dresses and just use a scarf for discretion or is that out of the question?

But you know 8 weeks in is still very early days so I would be purchasing a transitional wardrobe and splurging it thats on budget on sunglasses/scarves/handbags.

wideawakenurse Mon 04-Jul-11 07:47:29

Agree with MrsCB. Shoes, scarves and handbags, skin care and hair should be your key buys now and a few pieces to see you through until your body has settled down.

Chinos are still fashionable this year, and a a good item when running around after children. They look good rolled up with wedges, clogs, flit flops and sandals. Zara have some good ones as do H&M.

French connection do good skinny jeans at a reasonable price, they tend to keep their shape.

Hopefully things you buy now you can eBay at some point in the future too.

Another point is to consider having your colours done. Lots of posters here swear by it and it would be a good chance to find out what suits you before spending £££.

wicketkeeper Tue 05-Jul-11 21:10:17

Assuming the sky is not the limit money wise, try this. Get all (ALL) your clothes out and put them on the bed. Make up outfits (those jeans, that top, a scarf you'd forgotten about), and note anything that is 'missing' (eg nice pair of shoes to go with the jeans). Think about outfits for going out, and outfits for staying in. You might be quite surprised at what you already have, once you start to really look. Then think about the basics - every one needs a pair of black trousers, a good pair of jeans, a pair of killer heels, a cute little cardigan that goes with everything, white T-shirts, and so on. Make a shopping list of the things you need to fill in the gaps, and start to shop with that as your guide. You don't need to buy everything at once, but this way you know that you're not wasting money.

PinkSchmoo Fri 08-Jul-11 21:37:16

Sorry for no response mrscb. Wrote one and lost it during the 3am shutdown.

I'm 5ft 6 and a size 10. Generally people think I am taller as I'm quite long limbed.

Budget is mid range high street really but when I get my body back I want to move toward some more investment pieces as I am self employed and no longer need suits (hurrah!).

Would be happy with dress and scarf combo.

Should mention I am very pale skinned - not porcelain more like something you would find on a morticians slab.

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