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Hand luggage only for holiday

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bucaneve Fri 01-Jul-11 11:36:23

I am going to Italy for 3 weeks in August and because I am too stingy to pay for a suitcase I will be going only going with hand luggage. It will be fiiine right?

There will be a washing machine where I'm staying so I can just rewash things plus I figure I can buy toiletries when I get there.

Any helpful tips on how I can pack things really tiny/do some kind of grooming that will last the whole time I'm there so I don't have to bring extra things with me would be much appreciated though!

BibiThree Fri 01-Jul-11 11:46:38

Get a low maintenance haircut, take Vaseline rosy tiny lipbalm for lips/cheeks, get your lashes dyed before you go, you won't need anything else as you'll have a nice tan. Wear your heaviest/bulkiest things to travel in, and put lots in your pockets to travel.
Take bras without underwires, they roll up MUCH smaller, get a small vacuum bag to compress your clothes. Long skirt, sun dress, shorts, vest tops, linen trousers, kaftan, lightweight cardigan, bikini. Done.
Buy toiletries there, you can buy handwashing soap sheets which are thin sheets of detergent that foam in water, very small and light.

ZZZenAgain Fri 01-Jul-11 11:49:43

a Japanese lady told me once it is best to roll most things. I don't know if it is true butfor instance she rolls tshirts rather than laying them flat.

Will there be an iron where you are staying? Things dry on holiday easily enough but if you are only taking a few things and you likethem uncreased, you may need to iron

bucaneve Fri 01-Jul-11 12:28:30

Ooh that's a really good capsule wardrobe BibiThree.

Lol about the pockets! That was pretty much my plan - wear jeans, trainers, a jumper, my waterproof and all my jewellery on the flight!

I'm staying with my grandma so luckily all the basics, like iron, clothes detergent and shampoo and shower gel will be at hers.

miche8 Fri 01-Jul-11 14:40:34

if you think about it you probably have a few outfits that you rotate in real life anyway so you don't need a different outfit for everyday, i seem to take the same amount of clothes whether i go for 1 or 2 weeks and loads come back unworn and some things i worn a couple of times and washed. When i'm away i make a note of things i wish i'd packed, things i wished i hadn't and leave it in the suitcase for next time i go to pack. The following is what i can remember from the last couple of holidays.

1.only take one bikini, it will dry quickly, last time i took 3 but only wore my favourite one.
2. Dove soap instead of shower gel/body wash/shaving gel
3, comfy shoes, you walk more on holiday new pretty sandals will rub your feet, and you will fall over in those wedges, pavements are terrible abroad.
4, try not to pack anything white (vests, linen trousers) as i can't keep white clean for more than a couple of hours. Also if you do a load of washing you can't put your whites in a mixed load, pack a washing tablet.
5, you will wear less makeup, after sun instead of moisturiser.
6,everywhere i've always stayed had a hairdryer already, i think i could manage without, i get too hot drying my hair.
7, i always travel in jeans - france 2008 i really regretted not taking any.

After you go though security at the airport boots has a good selection of mini shampoos etc. I tend to take bottles that are nearly empty so i can use it up and not have to bring home half used bottles, (bit different when only going with hand luggage) i also take old bath puffs, toothbrushes, socks and pants for the kids that can be binned before we fly home.

Have never been to italy but i notice abroad people tend to not dress in much colour or patterns makes an easy capsule wardrobe. Just got back from crete last week and coming home there was a family with 3 small children who just had hand luggage, all dressed very well, the mother looked fantastic, in a grey maxi dress and i notice fitflops, i think she was spanish - she was thin and tanned - me jealous. I studied her how did she pull it off, she had expensive sunnies, handbag, watch and jewellery, they sat near us and she was a nice person too. I have a girl crush and i want her dress.

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