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GHDs - IV or Gold?

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PasstheTwiglets Fri 01-Jul-11 08:28:25

Are the Gold series straighteners worth the extra £40 or so? I'm not bothered about the hot-plate cover that comes with it but the sleeker/smoothjer plates and so on - are they worth the extra money?

Billiemumoftwo Fri 01-Jul-11 09:28:32

ooh I really want to know this too!

beverleyjayne Fri 01-Jul-11 09:41:41

i just bought the big gold ghds and they are fantastic! i have the ordinary ghds too but my hairdresser used the gold ones on me and they leave your hair like silk smile I have the coarsest thickest hair and i am sitting now with ribbons of silk lol!!! buy them now smile smile

PasstheTwiglets Fri 01-Jul-11 10:49:55

Sounds like you like them then, beverley smile My hair is very fine and straight and flat anyway so I'm not sure if I'd need the added silkiness thing. I use my straighteners to do flicks, not to straighten. This confused DH no end grin

beverleyjayne Fri 01-Jul-11 11:28:26

i love them lol, but i do think they would be more for coarse thick hair. do you have the ordinary ghds or are u thinking of splashing out?

PasstheTwiglets Fri 01-Jul-11 11:31:10

I don't hav any GHDs, I only have cheapy Argos ones but want some decent ones. I suppose next to £20 straighteners, anY GHDs would be an improvement. But then if you're going to spend £90 you may as well spend £130...?

TattyDevine Fri 01-Jul-11 11:45:27

I like your philosophy PasstheTwiglets. If you are going to invest, invest properly grin

Keep trying to get DH to come around to my way of thinking. He's slowly getting there.

PasstheTwiglets Fri 01-Jul-11 12:30:09

Well I just found a bargain! Managed to get the Gold ones for £98, so at only £10 more than the IVs I decided to go for it smile Gold ones are on the way, woohoo!

beverleyjayne Fri 01-Jul-11 13:19:58

at that price u couldnt refuse wink!!! sure they are nearly free gringrin

PasstheTwiglets Fri 01-Jul-11 13:35:26

Exactly, beverley! Now to work out what to spend the money I saved on... grin

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