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My son is graduating on Tuesday!!!!!

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Wahtawah Thu 30-Jun-11 23:36:08

I have spent numerous weeks online looking for something to wear and today went shopping. I tried on all the outfits I had earmarked - some weren't in the shops. I could have cried when the shops shut I was so tired and stressed, but eventually plumped for something but I could do with a bit of advice.

I am a tired 50 and like classic styles. I live in jeans normally but when I go out, I like styles that are simple and don't date- classic cuts. 5'3", size 10/12, I have no bust! (A cup!) Figure not bad though I don't like my knees.

I bought this and this (except it is in purple) -Sorry I can't copy and paste properly!

I am having a wobble as this is a bit flowery and I am not sure if it is too over the top for a graduation. If i were to keep it, what shoes and handbag would go with it? I am a size 6 wide fit and am not used to wearing heels or wedges!

Can anyone help me?

KurriKurri Fri 01-Jul-11 00:15:55



there you go smile

I'm in the same position my Dd graduates in a couple of weeks. I am 51, same height but fatter than you.

I think your dress and jacket are lovely, very smart and not too OTT.

I don't really do heels either, but when I have to I find wedges easier to walk in, would something a bit like this be any good?

For a hand bag I'd go for a neat clutch of some sort.

EightiesChick Fri 01-Jul-11 00:22:04

People generally for dress up for graduation ceremonies. Many male guests have suits on and women look wedding/christening-level dressy. I think that dress and jacket are lovely and will work well. I'd get some nude low heels, probably nude or light beige handbag or a navy one to go with the jacket. Enjoy your son's day!

strawberryjelly Fri 01-Jul-11 07:14:08

Which uni is it? Can make a difference- and whether there is party/function after the ceremony.

The dress and jacket look nice.

When my son graduated I wore a long-ish silk dress from Jigsaw- that was 4 years ago. It was a hot day so didn't need a jacket.

when my DD graduated her ceremony was delayed due to her being ill so it was in February- and people wore all sorts ( and this was at a "Top 10" uni).

I wore a smart skirt, boots and winter coat, DH ina suit, but some people turned up in jeans and waterproofs as the weather was yuck.

TBH no one will care what you wear, but you need to consider whether you are going to an indoor or outdoor tea/drinks afterwards and wear something suitable for either wet and windy or hot and summery!

polyhymnia Fri 01-Jul-11 09:45:57

I think the dress and jacket are fine, but would keep the rest of the styling pretty low key, to avoid a 'mother of the bride' look which, from my experience of graduations, would be try-hard. You want to look and feel relaxed on such a happy day.

As strawberry has said, there are likely to be all sorts of of outfits there, some very casual.

Looking at myself in my DS's photos a few years ago, I look as if I'm off for a day of chairing meetings at the office! Too harsh. Now, I'd go for a 'pretty/ stylish' but relaxed effect.

I think either pretty flats - there are lots around - or low wedges would be fine. Nothing uncomfortable - I guess event may involve you walking or standing on grass at some point. I don't personally like the Monsoon ones, but there are also lots of good wedges around this summer and people have posted some lovely ones on here under various threads. Wouldn't go for too tiny a bag, bearing in mind likely need to carry programmes, etc around.

Wahtawah Fri 01-Jul-11 11:31:21

Thank you so much for the responses.

Strawberry - He is graduating from Bath University - the ceremony in the Abbey and then a strawberry/champagne event likely outside, so I guess it is a bit posh.

I think maybe low wedges are the way to go as I need to elongate my legs a bit and I will have to wear sheer nude tights as my legs are a bit motley! I can't have too narrow a heel as the Abbey has grating and also there is the grass at the event afterwards. I will probably remove the black fabric belt and replace with a white or purple one, so shoes and handbag can be white/purple or nude.

prolificwillybreeder Fri 01-Jul-11 11:36:39

How about Phase 8? I saw some nice dresses and jackets in their window the other day.
I like the dress and jacket you linked too. I'd make the accessories fun if it were me

prolificwillybreeder Fri 01-Jul-11 11:38:24

Sorry it somehow cut off half your last post.
Like belt idea and colours for accessories- that's what I meant by fun. Nude would look lovely IMO,

bucaneve Fri 01-Jul-11 11:41:41

YY to the wearing wedges for the grass bit! Lots of girls made the pointy heel mistake when I graduated.

Have a lovely time.

polyhymnia Fri 01-Jul-11 11:46:38

Yes, fun and relaxed difinitely way to go. Low wedges good - just OK with 'bare' tights IMO though that does lead to the 'what to do about the peep-toe?' question. Wouldn't go for white shoes myself, because of grass and because I don't like them. Think nude would give you more use, or 'dull' silver, the sort you can happily wear in the day (I have some ballerinas in that which are very versatile).

Bath is lovely - should be a great setting.

pjani Fri 01-Jul-11 11:49:58

Just want to say I think you'll look lovely!

strawberryjelly Fri 01-Jul-11 12:10:45

That all sounds good- one of mine graduated from Bristol- just down the road!

Agree with Poly that you do need to avoid mother of the bride look so casual type shoes will work best- and avoid spiky heels for reasons you said.

I wore flat jewelly type sandals at one graduation and was glad I did- lots of standing aound outside.

Adversecamber Fri 01-Jul-11 12:29:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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