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Post c-section wobbles

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MWestie Thu 30-Jun-11 22:09:10

Can anyone advise? Had a c-section 3 weeks ago and my stomach is so flabby and wobbly that still look pregnant. Have a family wedding to go to in 2 weeks and wanted to minimise it as much as possible. Would Spanx work do you think? Am a complete novice with things like that, are there any types that are better than others, what would you recommend? Thanks.

HellonHeels Thu 30-Jun-11 22:41:25

I have no experience of caesarians but plenty with spanx.

They can be a struggle to get into and feel tight - has your scar healed fully and does it feel tender?

TattyDevine Thu 30-Jun-11 22:50:23

From a scar point of view I think you'd be fine at 5 weeks post, but do be very careful getting in and out of them and don't be "greedy" and go too small a size, perhaps size up or get the larger of the 2 sizes if you are hovering between 2 sizes.

The only thing I would say is also, don't put too much pressure on yourself, that sounds trite, I don't mean from a "9 months on 9 months off" point of view but did you realise that if you give birth naturally, your uterus contracts back to its correct size in 10 days and sometimes less if you breastfeed. Whereas if you have a c-section, it takes up to 6 weeks, so the reason you still look pregnant is partly because you may not be fully contracted back in. My midwife told me that. So you are not necessarily "supposed" to look non-pregnant yet. Sure, nobody else probably realises that if you didn't but still - don't be too worried about it, you just had a baby after all.

But from a safety point of view I don't know of any major reason why you can't wear what is essentially a slightly pressurised garment - if you bear in mind if a person has an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) they have to basically wear a spanx type garment (but a bit more heavy duty!) for 6 weeks or something stupid afterwards so from a circulation/blood flow and scar etc etc point of view it seems unlikely that it would be a problem if that is the case however, do bear in mind the 2 operations are different and please don't put too much pressure on your still-contracting uterus. Get the least controlling sort and size up if you must wear some.

lollipoppet Thu 30-Jun-11 22:51:24

i can absolutely sympathise! had c section 9 months ago with my little girl.
first of all- it will shrink back!! i couldn't believe how flabby and hangy it was afterwards, yuck! it will take a bit of time (can't really remember how long for me) but it will resemble alive (as aposed to hangy, dead) skin again soon!
yes, spanx or any other decent control pant will do you well. i find the trinny and susanna ones quite good too. you can actually wear more than one pair for extra control. oh BUT as it squashes your tummy down (and it can be a bit tender still so take care putting them on and taking them off again) it makes a kind of fold of skin which can get a bit sweaty, awful i know but at least it does the job!!

MWestie Thu 30-Jun-11 22:52:05

Thanks Heels. I'd say whole scar area is still pretty tender, but was hoping the Spanx or some other similar support gubbins would hold everything together and make feel more secure, though guess might have a struggle then to get on in the first place!

MWestie Thu 30-Jun-11 22:57:16

Oooh, thanks to you too Tatty and Lolli, just seen your replies, and all makes sense. Agree that don't want to rush things and irritate scar etc, however being asked today when my baby was due, and replying that I had her 3 weeks ago through gritted teeth, made me think I had to do something!

hellymelly Thu 30-Jun-11 23:03:04

Almost everyone still looks pregant 3 weeks after birth,c-section or not.With the section you have added swelling from the surgery to subside too.No-one will expect you to have a flat tummy with such a small baby. My friend went to a wedding 6 weeks after a c-section and bought some heavy-duty spanx type thing,she said "I looked like a supermodel,but I had such terrible wind I couldn't move without farting" grin.
Pulling spanx up will be the bit that might hurt your scar,as they are tight around the middle and so that bit is a squeeze to get up over your hips. I would maybe try high waist tummy control tights for a bit of more gentle support,or a tummy support vest that you can gently lower down.

MWestie Thu 30-Jun-11 23:13:49

Might have to rethink those Spanx then Helly if those are the side effects!

reallygrumpy Thu 30-Jun-11 23:15:03

What about trying a support vest specifically for post-pregnancy? these are meant to be good or try here for a cheaper alternative. They also do post pregnancy support knickers here which might be a bit gentler than spanx.

UnseenAcademicalMum Fri 01-Jul-11 00:18:14

I used M&S support knickers post c-section (a size bigger than necessary) - I actually found with ds2 (my 2nd c-section), they really helped with that "my insides are going to fall out" feeling and helped me walk normally much sooner. Would definately recommend.

Whilst the post c-section tummy can be a bit scary at first, don't worry too much, I almost can't see my scar now (and if I'm honest, I'm sort of a little proud of it anyway - it's the sign that ds1 and ds2 were there smile). My tummy is mostly flat now though stomach muscles will still never be what they were, I don't think it's worse than someone having had a VB.

I think the only thing no-one warned me of, is the lack of sensation above/below the scar potentially permanently. Was weird at first. Used to it now.

TattyDevine Fri 01-Jul-11 05:01:37

Its true in that some kind of supportive garment can really help lift any pressure on your scar and supports your back as well. I think the key is to get the right one in the right size so shop around.

BlackSwan Fri 01-Jul-11 06:10:46

It has only been 3 weeks!! I had a c-section and it took me 9 months, sensible eating and an active lifestyle, a slendertone & a tube of mamma mio 'get waisted' cream to get back into shape. No 'overhang' whatsoever over my scar. I'll never have the taught tummy I did before but the results are respectable!

PasstheTwiglets Fri 01-Jul-11 08:29:38

My daughter is 8.5yo and mine hasn't shrunk back yet smile

MWestie Fri 01-Jul-11 13:40:17

Thank you all! Yes am being a tad unrealistic I'm sure but think will invest in some sort of support, maybe just not the industrial strength kind... grin

LuckyMrsT Fri 01-Jul-11 19:02:50

For the future can I recommend Tracy Anderson's Post Pregnancy DVD for a more permanent solution? I haven't had a C Section but it's very good and she swears her method helps the skin come back to the muscle, even after a section, eliminating any stubborn wobbly flaps of skin. I don't work for her btw... smile

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