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Juicy Couture chavvy or not?

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mepsopie Thu 30-Jun-11 21:32:22

Hi Everyone. Expecting my first baby 1st October. Already feel like I've lost my dress sense and live in scruffs (when I'm not in my work uniform).

A friend who had a baby last year said that after her son was born she made a point of getting herself up, dressed, made up etc before she properly started the day. Have to say I saw her at 2 weeks and she looked amazing.

Sorry sidetracking here slightly. My point is I really don't want to turn into a sruffy zombie with greasy hair etc. This is what people have hinted might happen.

I asked my husband last week what he thought of me buying a couple of Juicy tracksuits to throw on around the house in the couple of weeks after baby comes along.

His reply 'I think they are very flattering to the female figure'

'Are they chavvy?' I asked.

'Only if you wear them strutting down the King's Road in full makeup, fresh manicure and designer handbag'

No offence meant to anyone but should I buy one?

bibbitybobbityhat Thu 30-Jun-11 21:41:07

No. Carry on wearing your maternity clothes for a few weeks.

I wouldn't say they are chavvy, because that is quite rude, but I think they should be banned grin.

Get a new pair of jeans and dress in a size bigger than you normally wear, if you must.

If you really feel the need to put on makeup to make you feel good immediately after giving birth - then do go ahead, no law against it. Some do, some don't.

dexter73 Thu 30-Jun-11 22:13:29

Aren't they quite expensive? I think for the first few weeks do as bibbity says and keep wearing your maternity clothes. It doesn't seem worth spending that much on clothes just to throw on around the house for a couple of weeks.

thisisyesterday Thu 30-Jun-11 22:18:35

i don't really get this confused although i am easily confused it must be said

tracksuits are flattering to the figure?
why can't you just wear a normal tracksuit, why does it have to be a "juicy" one? it won't make it look smarter or anything

a tracksuit is a tracksuit surely?

your post kind of implies that you want to look good after the baby is born and make an effort... but you want to buy a special, really expensive tracksuit to do so?

i am so lost.

think i need some sleep

GwendolineMaryLacey Thu 30-Jun-11 22:23:21

You really have to ask? Foul.

mepsopie Thu 30-Jun-11 22:36:42

I'm a small size 6. Have looked in M&S, Next, Nike, Reebok. Cannot find a tracksuit.

Juicy Outlet has them for £49.99.

If anyone can tell me where to find a good quality well fitting tracksuit I'd be grateful.

Billiemumoftwo Fri 01-Jul-11 09:30:50

juicy couture tracksuits are chavvy- spend the money a lovely outfit day dress and heels. tracksuits are not a good look

thisisyesterday Fri 01-Jul-11 10:50:45

well-fitted tracksuit?

isn't that an oxymoron

thisisyesterday Fri 01-Jul-11 10:52:14

why can't you just wear your ordinary clothes? or your maternity clothes for a bit until you're back to your regular size?

DonaAna Fri 01-Jul-11 14:10:24

They are chavissimo. (Just saw a pink JC iPhone cover - get one to match the rest of you.) No, seriously, wear your maternity jeans and a nursing T-shirt and try to look normal if you can.

Awomancalledhorse Fri 01-Jul-11 14:19:00

Very chavvy. The mothercare Juicy pram is hilarious in its chavvity.
Tracksuits are chavvy unless you're on a track/working out, but I guess if you're just wearing them to slob out around the house it doesn't matter!
Have you looked in a sports wear shop? Somewhere like He runs/She runs, Sweaty Betty or even Sports Direct?
You don't say how tall you are, if you're short-ish (I'm 5'4) you should be able to get away with childrens tracksuits; Next normally have some in stock around the summer.

Mango do some decent comfy 'lounging' clothes...and Primark have just started stocking size 6 near me!

EnSuiteShed Fri 01-Jul-11 14:24:53

Ok get your torches at the ready ladies....

I have 3 pairs of velour juicy bottoms.

They are in plain colours and the only way you would know they are Juicy is if you looked at the label.

I get them because they are incredibly comfortable, have a good leg length, and are flattering to the figure.

I have tried many other cheaper ones (M&S etc), but they are always too short, too baggy or ill fitting at the crotch.

I don't have the matching hoodis though grin.

EnSuiteShed Fri 01-Jul-11 14:26:43

sorry pedants that would be hoodies

Pagwatch Fri 01-Jul-11 14:28:59

I don't know. Not really sure about the whole 'chavvy' concept.

But I know that katie price and Kerry katona and many of the women shagging married ryan giggs wear juicy couture
Kate middleton, Keira knightly and the queen tend not to.
Does that help?

Pinkjenny Fri 01-Jul-11 14:29:26

I have a few Juicy tracksuits. Actually I have five of them. They are all very plain, block colours, with no horrific writing or sequins on them.

I like them. So there.

I used to have a pair with JUICY on the bottom when I was much younger. I don't wear them now, though. Even I have standards.

thisisyesterday Fri 01-Jul-11 14:31:17

<lights her torch>

you better run, i'm pretty sure that polyester will go up a treat grin

EnSuiteShed Fri 01-Jul-11 14:37:18


EnSuiteShed Fri 01-Jul-11 14:39:02

By the way, I should point out that I wear these round the house, or to the gym, as you would any tracksuit etc.

Other than that they never leave the house grin.

Pinkjenny Fri 01-Jul-11 14:44:02

I wear mine loads in the winter. I feel I should point out that I am a scouser, though. I'm pretty sure being a chav is part of the job description.

Pagwatch Fri 01-Jul-11 14:47:10


I have never actually seen the queen in one but for all I know she wears hers watching strictly eating toast. I think she could pull it off as long as she lays off the bling.

dexter73 Fri 01-Jul-11 14:52:10

I think a JC tracksuit and a tiara could look the business!

LordOfTheFlies Fri 01-Jul-11 14:56:07

Well here in Essex they are de rigeur (spell) in the way of maternity/post natal wear.
On condition : your bump in in full,glorious view
you have your thong on show - thong after a birth, maybe not
your tramp stamp is visible

and most important- your baby has a mini JC tracksuit

Yes, I know that's all crap but someone has to say it and I am an Essex Wife grin blush

TrilllianAstra Fri 01-Jul-11 15:01:39

Don't know about Juicy Couture but wearing tracksuits is not the answer to I really don't want to turn into a sruffy zombie with greasy hair.

1 - wash your hair
2 - put on clothes that you like, or failing that whatever fits

If you don't currently wear tracksuits then why would you buy some specially for post-natal wear? Does giving birth completely change your taste in clothes?

DamselInDisarray Fri 01-Jul-11 15:06:51

Please stop worrying about what you'll wear immediately after giving birth. Honestly, it won't matter at all. If you want to wear a tracksuit, branded or not, and full make up round the house, then go ahead; if you'd prefer to wear your pyjamas and not wash your hair, no one will care; if you're still in your maternity gear, still no one will care. There's no point in giving it too much thought right now anyway, as you have no idea what you'll feel like or what size you'll be until you get to that point. You may well find that everything is very different to how you imagined it, and so are your priorities.

Anyone who judges a new mum on how she looks is unambiguously a twat.

pixielovescake Fri 01-Jul-11 15:07:41

Abercrombie and fitch. If you are really tiny get a childrens imported from the USA. Although they are tight so you might not need one that small as you will have had a baby. They fit really well , are so so soft and comfortable and dont look scruffy.
They are really long though, im going to warn you now. I have a lare in childrens and i have to turn the legs up. Im only 5,2 but it is a childrens size.slightly odd but its the only fault i can find.

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