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Is it normal to feel like this

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Shukki Thu 30-Jun-11 13:37:58

Ever since I had my son I know its trivial but I feel like nothing in my wardrobe is me its like it belongs to a different person, does that make sense?? Every time i have to get dressed i feel like hurling myself on the bed in a petulant child manner shouting 'ive got nothing to wear' . Skirts bit short, t shirts not long enough etc .Just feel like i need to buy new clothes that reflect the person ive become. Any excuse i know but would love to know if anyone else felt/feels like this...?

madammecholet Thu 30-Jun-11 18:21:56

I think your body changes shape when you have kids as well as your priorities, and practicalities of what you wear. Don't lose yourself, but change with your new outlook and buy clothes which you feel good in.

Don't fall into the 'practical' trap as that will end in tears, but instead try & find your new groove.

Go shopping with a good mate and just try stuff on, anything, go outside your comfort zone and come home again. You don't have to buy, just look at what you think you may like to look like.

itsastrawpoll Thu 30-Jun-11 18:24:38

Ooh yes, and for ages I thought it was because I was still hang on to that last pre-DD's stone and felt miserable about the way I looked, esp my tummy sad

But in the last few weeks it's like I've suddnely realised I can look nice, just that my style has completely changed. My skirts from before now DO feel too short and, yep, tops also not long enough so now I've started buying loads of dresses. I ever used to where dresses but am really loving them now and feel like they suit the new 'me', if that makes sense?

Sorry for rambling!

itsastrawpoll Thu 30-Jun-11 18:25:29

never used to wear dresses that should say.

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