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Is it possible to plan a wedding in eight weeks?

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Vizzini Wed 29-Jun-11 20:16:53

And no, I'm not PG! DP and I got engaged two weeks ago. We've checked dates with our church and our ideal venue and we could theoretically have a wedding at the beginning of September.
We already have a DD (15mo) and we're keen to marry sooner rather than later, but is this just madness? We want a nice, quiet, family wedding and we're not bothered about all the extravagant trimmings. I love the idea of September as the weather may still be good and it fits in well with our jobs. I'm a P/T teacher so I'll have the long hol to chase stuff up.
What do you think? Can I arrange a stylish and beautiful wedding in two months or not? If Where to start?! Many thanks, V xxx

JenniL1977 Wed 29-Jun-11 20:24:50

Yes! I planned mine in about 3 hours.
Make a list of what's important to you and start ringing round. Also be very clear about your budget, it's very easy to overspend.
Top tip: don't mention wedding in your conversation with your florist/caterer/whatever. The price triples.
I'll help smile I love planning parties!

cremeeggsbenedict Wed 29-Jun-11 20:26:21

You absolutely can! We arranged ours in 7 weeks - or rather, arranged it in a week and then spent 6 weeks waiting for it to come round. A good friend arranged hers in 4, and another did it in 8! And none of us were pregnant.

You already have a church, a venue and a date, so the big points in your planning are sorted. You'll need invitations (though we did ours online), a frock, some flowers, a car, a photographer, wedding rings and to organise what you want at the reception food and drink wise. With the short time between the wedding and now it will actually be easier as you'll have to make decisions, rather than dither about all the options for ever.

I'd try to book a photographer as your next priority as in my head the photos are quite important. Also, photographers can get booked up in advance so it might be something you need to spend a little time on finding someone available. As for your dress, if you're a standard size you might be able to pick up a sample one from a wedding dress shop, or maybe hit the high street - Monsoon, Phase Eight, John Lewis, BHS and plenty of others do wedding dresses, or you could have something made. If you don't want something "weddingy" to wear then the world is your oyster.

Everything else will just fall into place - your fiance's suit, wedding rings, flowers, car are just simple phonecalls, and your invitations can be done online. It also might be worth sending a save the date to the people you want to invite via email or ring round as it's going to be a small family affair.

Good luck - and remember it's supposed to be fun! A lot of the things we are told we have to have for a wedding are just froth, you won't notice if it's not there on the day, or if the napkins don't match the bridesmaids or similar.

tasmaniandevilchaser Wed 29-Jun-11 20:31:42

yes it's possible, did mine in about that time. As long as you don't want too many trimmings and fuss, though you will have the hols to sort a lot of things out. Good luck, and congrats!

strawberryjelly Wed 29-Jun-11 20:38:41

Yes- did mine in 12 weeks but could have been fewer.

Things that might hold you up are printers re, invitations etc. Suss out their print times.

Ditto florists and caterers.

happilyeverafter Wed 29-Jun-11 20:41:52


Book church (or venue plus registrar)
Book reception venue, food and entertainment/band/dj
Order flowers if required
Buy outfits and frivolous table decorating crap
Invite folk and turn up on day.

I had eight weeks but it dragged! Four weeks would have been ideal as it still allows time for mail ordering stuff to arrive/notice periods for registrar etc.

pointydog Wed 29-Jun-11 20:49:21

Yes. The venue's the most likely thing to set a date back (or a particular band). You're well on the way.

zanz1bar Wed 29-Jun-11 20:58:08

Oh yes you can.
Most brides seem to spend weeks dithering about the colour of the napkins. Less time means easier choices. Choose only what you want and what you like, not what you think will make your second cousin happy.
I did mine in 8 weeks with a 2month old.
The only thing I didn't get right was the photos, I hate wedding photos, cheesy, no one really wants and look at huge wedding albums and a waste of time standing around after the ceremony.
BUT, I presumed friends would take a few decent shots. No such luck, photos with out heads, no arms, small children jumping up, great aunts walking across the picture, all hopeless.
So my only advice would be get one person you trust or pay to take some photos.

SingingSands Wed 29-Jun-11 21:02:53

Oh yes, go for it!

I used to babysit for a couple who MET and MARRIED within 6 weeks! Now that was good going!

What more do you need than a venue, an official, a dress and a good meal? Let us know how it turns out!

allthefires Wed 29-Jun-11 21:49:28

Go for it!

Maybe I can talk my DP round to marrying quickly too- but I am pregnant!

DP just said "yes course - they do it in 3 weeks on the tele!!" (dont tell the bride)

womblingalong Wed 29-Jun-11 22:14:08

Easily, I organised my 2 weddings, one of which was abroad in 6 weeks. My advice would be concentrate on the top 5 things that are most important to you, and don't obsess about the other stuff. Make a decision, and move to the next item. The thing that might not work in your favour is the time it takes to choose and have a dress made, so you may want to look at a ready made dress or sample that can be altered to fit perfectly, which is what I did. Good luck.

Vizzini Wed 29-Jun-11 22:15:04

Wow! I was ready for people to suck their teeth and say "It can't be done"! I'm actually getting very excited now. We are seeing our priest tomorrow so hopefully we'll have our date confirmed and then I can come back for more great advice. I need to look at photographers and florists now! I've already spotted the BM dresses in the Jaeger sale so that's one less thing to do. Hurrah!!!!

MavisCruetTheFairy Wed 29-Jun-11 22:18:12

I went to a really really lovely wedding recently that was planned start to finish in twelve weeks, and they both worked full time. If you can get your chosen date at your chosen venue you could absolutely do it in eight weeks.

babybarrister Wed 29-Jun-11 22:23:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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