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Navy Flattering Trousers

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vintageteacups Wed 29-Jun-11 18:39:35

Okay - so I need some nic formal trousers - not for work- but that are suitable for formal-ish functions with DH and stuff.

Trouble is, I'm 5ft 6" with large bum and thighs and a much smaller waist than hips. So it's always hard to find trousers which gllide over legs but don't look like a tent (as is often the case with my linen trousers after a second wearing).

I was thinking Kew clothing type thing but they are all linen.

I think they need to be a really good quality material for them not to make my thighs look lumpy.

this is kind of the image I was thinking of only my thighs are NOT like that!

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