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Has anyone been to a colour analysis party?

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WayneKerr Wed 29-Jun-11 16:05:55

I keep reading on here about having colours done, and wanting to do it. But am short of cash, so wondered about one of those parties where they do about 6 of you.

Anyone been to one? Any good? Or should me and my pals just being our own items to drape on each other - bedsheets, cushion covers and such like?

Am cheapskate!

TattyDevine Wed 29-Jun-11 16:08:57

Haha you could host your own pissweak world one where you drape bath towels and curtains over each other.

I wouldn't say go to a party one as you wouldn't get as much information - it takes time to properly drape someone and it should be in natural light, not at night in someone's house and you want a proper swatch wallet and ratings of colours etc that you wouldn't get if you were hurried through.

Might be wrong though

WayneKerr Wed 29-Jun-11 16:12:41

Tattyyyy! Was hoping you'd add your wisdom!

Yes, I did wonder about the natural light thing, as it would be an evening event accompanied by wine. House of colour charge £180 for 4 people, so maybe tis better to save up and go solo.

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