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Where do all you pears buy good fitting trousers from?

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sweetheart Wed 29-Jun-11 10:08:19

I hardly ever wear trousers because I can never find any that are a decent fit! Where do all you other pears shop to get a good fit? Also what style do you buy? Straight leg, bootcut, wide leg?

I'm about 5Ft 5.5Inches and probably about a size 12 on my bottom half.

Please help me end my trousers related problems :-D

HouseOfBamboo Wed 29-Jun-11 11:15:36

I would like to know this too! Next used to be great for pear-shaped trews but not any more.

I've ended up with quite a few pairs of M&S cheapo straight-leg or bootcut jeans and cords recently, they are okay but not wonderful. The high-waisted ones actually fit not too badly on the waist, but the lower cut ones still gape at the back and require a belt to stay up.

I would try Gap Curvy but their website has hardly any sizes in stock so that's that one scuppered.

I've seen French Connection recommended before but they're a bit pricey for me and there isn't one nearby to try.

God I hate trouser-buying <whines grumpily>.

sweetheart Wed 29-Jun-11 13:14:02

I had a style consultation the other day and she recommended buying expensive trousers in the sale and also getting trousers altered but to be honest I'd be reluctant to buy trousers and get them altered incase I still didn't like them afterwards.

Apparetly places like coast, phase 8 etc are worth checking out but I ordered a load of phase 8 trousers in the debenhams sale and they were all horrible sad

sweetheart Wed 29-Jun-11 13:15:25

I have several pairs of the Gap long and lean jeans which I liked but when I went to get another pair recently they seemed to have changed the cut. I brought a paid of the curve jeans instead and have regreated it ever since - they are too curvey and seem to accentuate my pearness rahter than conceal it!

mousymouse Wed 29-Jun-11 13:16:38

gap curvey jeans work for me.

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