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getting dd to 'do' her own hair

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schroeder Tue 28-Jun-11 21:51:55

dd[9] has long hair (nearly waist length)

What can I do to gradually get her to the stage where she is taking care of it herself?
Specifically tying it up. She already brushes it herself and I'm working on her washing it herself.

I've had my hair pretty short all my life, so although I can style her hair for her, I've no experience of styling hair on my own head iykwim.

Tortoise Tue 28-Jun-11 21:55:26

My DD1 is just 8 and has been brushing and tying it up herself for at least a year. And she washing it herself too. I would say nearly the same length hair as your DD. She just learnt how to do it herself so i can't actually give any useful advice.

Ixia Wed 29-Jun-11 01:15:45

DD is 6, has waist length hair and can brush and wash it (in the shower) herself. She's determined to put bobbles in herself, but that's not going so well and I had to cut one out last week!

Youtube has loads of videos on how to do French plaits and all that malarkey. I used them to teach myself to braid DD's hair, bizarrely I can do my own, but I'm still struggling with hers.

Dorje Wed 29-Jun-11 02:06:04

Maybe get her a Rapunzel doll / wig so that she can practice on it?

My 6yo DD asked me to cut her long hair as she was doing a lot of swimming and it had all got too much: way too long. It's now mid back / below shoulder length. She puts bobbles in it and brushes it, we are working on her rinsing it out and shampooing at the moment.. all going well enough.
My Dd practices on her dolls and we got her a long wig as well!

nooka Wed 29-Jun-11 02:19:48

I'd get it cut much shorter so she can manage it herself and then (if she wants) when she is competent she can grow it longer again. There always seem to be far more children with long hair than there are adults, so I suspect that looking after long hair is far more hassle than it's worth.

Having said that my dd had a bob and still it looks like a birds nest half the time.

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