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Anyone tried Morrocanoil Curl Cream? Would I be better off with just the oil?

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AntonDuBurk Tue 28-Jun-11 21:03:50

I've tried, and like, Morrocanoil but find that I need a reasonable amount to hold any kind of curl. I've just seen they also do a Curl Cream. Has anyone tried this? Will it be sticky and or dull my blonde hair like the many many many other curl cream type products I have tried over the years and now lie abandoned in the bottom of my wardrobe. Should I just stick with what I know?

TuesdayMummy Tue 28-Jun-11 21:09:10

My hairdresser used it last time I went and I didn't really like the finish - was a bit heavy and crispy. Usually she uses Shu Umeura (probably miss-spelled) "something-wave" mousse, which I LOVE as it makes my curls look lovely and defined and non-frizzy without even the hint of any product use. Waited my whole life to find it so don't much begrudge the extortionate price tag!

AntonDuBurk Tue 28-Jun-11 22:35:25

Thank TuesdayMummy Crispy is exactly what I fear in a curl creme.

Hmm. How extortionate are we talking here? My DH may divorce me if I go any higher up the product tree. grin

TuesdayMummy Wed 29-Jun-11 10:09:12

Sorry I logged off last night & am only just figuring out how to use the iPhone app thingumajig.

I believe it's about £15 a can. You can get it on the Rush website. My hair is currently quite short (collar length) & one can lasts me about 2 months as I only use about a golfball sized blob each day.

But is sooooo worth it!

TuesdayMummy Wed 29-Jun-11 10:30:55

Hi, I've actually just got off my bum & looked at the can - brand is Shu Uemura "art of hair" & the mousse is called Kaze Wave, sensual curl texturising foam.

Don't you feel seduced already...? wink

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