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Forlorn feet!

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Fuzzled Tue 28-Jun-11 16:01:54

Help! I have a problem with my feet in that they are very soft.
My mum always made me wear "good" shoes (jelly sandals, never flip-flops etc) and now I want to wear slightly more fashionable shoes, I find that I can't walk for any distance without the ball of my foot aching/blistering.
Winter isn't a problem, and before in the summer it wasn't an issue as I worked in an office so air conditioning & court shoes worked well, but now I'm a SAHM mum I want to go for walks with DS without resorting to granny sandals or trainers.
Anyone know how I can toughen up my feet - but avoid really hard and unsightly skin?

Stillchuckingit Tue 28-Jun-11 16:08:29

Hi Fuzzled I wish I knew!! Sorry not to offer any suggestions but I have exactly the same problem. Went for a 20 min sockless walk to shops and back yesterday and I now have blisters the size of hens eggs. Micropore is my friend ...

Fuzzled Tue 28-Jun-11 16:13:12

I did find that the stuff runners use to stop chafing stopped heel blisters (can't remember the name), but useless for balls of my feet... sad

Stillchuckingit Tue 28-Jun-11 18:15:05

Heels and sides of big toe main areas of concern ...

It must be hard when the balls of your feet suffer. Have you thought of those half-sock type things you can get in lingerie/tight shops? They come in tight and sock material - like shaped shower caps for feet which just cover soles, heels and toes ... meant to look like you are not wearing socks or tights. NOt very glamourous and I find they shrink after washing and don't stay in place but might be worth a go ...;

Fuzzled Tue 28-Jun-11 19:45:25

Sadly, been there and done that! sad
Found my runners stuff - it's called Bodyglide Skin Formula (I got it via Amazon). I purchased the 12.8g stick in May 2009 and it's nowhere near done! (also good for those little hot bits at the top of your legs that can sometimes chafe in really hot weather!)wink

Stillchuckingit Wed 29-Jun-11 11:07:58

ooooh - thanks for tip Fuzzled will look in to that - sounds good.

Hope you find an equivalent solution for soles. Perhaps just start with granny sandals/trainers and slowly work your way up to Manolos????

Stillchuckingit Wed 29-Jun-11 11:15:31

Have a look at here Fuzzled

HouseOfBamboo Wed 29-Jun-11 11:23:39

Try getting a nice pair of flip-flops (or whatever takes your fancy) and just wear them around the house until you can bear to wear them outside.

A top tip I've discovered for avoiding flip-flop rub between the toes is hair serum, it acts like WD40 and stops your shoes getting sticky and rubbing the skin off your feet. Marvellous. Lipsalve also works in an emergency but tends to attract the dirt.

Oh and bog standard anti-perspirant between the thighs on hot days puts an end to painful thigh rub too.

HouseOfBamboo Wed 29-Jun-11 13:58:47

Oh and try not to choose anything with a nasty hard thin sole, they are very hard on your feet and joints. (And if I had my way would be banned, grr.)

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