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Dress code for VIP/Hospitility Corporate Day Silverstone British Grand Prix - what is it?

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foodjunkie Sat 25-Jun-11 19:21:03

As the title says please of you can advise...what's acceptable & what isn't?
I can do smartish trousers, pumps & shirt, or trousers with vest & cardi with long necklace....things like that but dresses on my body are a no-go.

I do watch the races so kind of have an inkling but I don't have a Nicole Scherzinger body/bank balance!

All advice welcome. If what I have mentioned is wrong please be nice & tell me before I turn up wearing it smile

brookeslay Sat 25-Jun-11 19:36:36

this is a good look

Nice cashmere cardigan in soft blush colour a soft t shirt James Perse and some Current elliot caramel trousers. Nice handbag and shoes the necklace sounds great.

foodjunkie Sat 25-Jun-11 19:38:39

Ooooh I've got LOTS like that! Fab. Thankyou for confirming. I am not so worried now.

NettoSuperstar Sat 25-Jun-11 19:40:20

No idea but OMG I hate, hate, hate you.
Can I come?grin

MrsMeow Sat 25-Jun-11 20:31:13

Ohh my husband is very jealous! Hope you have a fab time smile get JBs number for me

foodjunkie Sat 25-Jun-11 20:35:08

I haven't dared tell my closest F1fan friends yet. I'm trying to be sensitive about it & not rub it in their faces. May tell them after. Is that a good thing or not?

CHOOGIRL Sat 25-Jun-11 21:30:24

There isn't a dress code, but if you are in the Paddock Club you should probably dress up. Have not done Silverstone but done several Grand Prix's and it can be v glam. Wear shoes you can walk in as it can be sometimes a trek to get from your car to the PC. I wouldn't wear trousers and a cardi personally as it would feel a bit casual - but wear what you feel comfortable in. Are you going for all three days or just the Sunday?

foodjunkie Sat 25-Jun-11 22:04:48

I am going just for the Sunday. Apparently we will be walking around the pits etc. You would wear a dress Choo?

MrsMeow...I have Jenson Buttons address! He owns the only house near me with SIX garages!!!

(That's not how we got the tickets though)

NettoSuperstar Sat 25-Jun-11 22:11:02

Never mind JB, could I get Fernando Alonso's number please?
Also, could you cheer for Felipe Massa for me?

CHOOGIRL Sat 25-Jun-11 22:27:39

Well if you are doing the pit lane walk you are probably in the Paddock Club. Yes Foodjunkie I have always worn dresses to F1 events, but I like dresses and only ever do the hot weather events Silverstone is a bit hit and miss even in July! Wear something you look and feel nice in. Try to avoid red - as Silverstone is sponsored by Santander and there will be lots of red around. You don't want to be mistaken for staff smile

foodjunkie Tue 28-Jun-11 08:34:56

Great advice about the red....I hadn't even thought about the red. blush

I can't afford to buy a new item so I will have a rummage in my wardrobe & take it from there.

Thankyou everyone.

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