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Back to work after mat leave, need an overhaul!

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lamandler Thu 23-Jun-11 22:56:54

I have 4 weeks left of (second) maternity leave before going back to work 3 days a week. Last time I was completely knackered so I really didn't make much of an effort on the grooming and dressing front - this time though I am looking forward to getting the chance to wear nice things, makeup, etc.

But I need inspiration!

My skin is still pretty hormonal and patchy (DD is 10 mo and I've stopped bf but no sign of that improving), have been thinking of an Eve Lom facial but am skint so not sure if it's worth it?

Also thinking of getting a Big Hair styler for my shoulder length fairly limp hair. I am trying to shift some extra weight too to fit into nice clothes!

Any other tips? Advice? Motivation?!

Meglet Thu 23-Jun-11 23:02:26

I went to Primark and bought 3 pairs of black trousers and 3 shirts for work so I don't have to wash them in the week. It's a very dull (and cheap) work uniform but saves time and energy faffing about in the mornings.

I try to do a bit of beauty maintenance every day, one day nails, next day eyebrows, face mask etc. I usually do them while supervising the kids in the bath.

And enjoy being back smile.

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