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help please - feminise me!

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dementedma Thu 23-Jun-11 22:18:27

throwing myself at the mercy of the fashionistas.
I am very down to earth, practical, not-girly or high maintenance. don't own straighteners or even a hairdryer,never had a manicure etc.
I mostly wear jeans, t-shirts, shirts etc and for work black trousers, blouses, low heels. I am 5 foot 7, size 12-14 0n bottom, 14-16 on top due to belly and norks. Wear my hair short, just recently had it cut very short and spiky which I love but......I look like a bloke!! Very very butch! My biggest problem is a budget of about zero - shop in charity shops and second hand stuff.
so, how can I look more feminine without faffing about with ribbons and bows and on no money? I like the colour green - I have green eyes and brown hair = and like to wear jewellry made of glass, beads or metals. I don't know how to wear belts and scarves and stuff and they just annoy me and I look and feel stupid. Am 47, three DCs and fed up looking like a man!

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