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Please help me to find alternatives to jeans...

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TiredMule Thu 23-Jun-11 11:20:49

I live in jeans. I would like not to! I have some leggings but don't have many tunic length tops to go with them. I'd like to get some trousers to wear instead of jeans and maybe a skirt. Skirt wise, I struggle as it can't be too short, and mid length ones tend to flare out and look a bit frumpy. I'm 28, size 10-12, SAHM with 2 young girls and a dog so it needs to easy to wear and practical!
Maybe some linen trousers? Also I don't like high waists, and I have quite long legs. Where can I start my search?

GeneSplicedLacticFluidProducer Thu 23-Jun-11 11:41:53

There are some nice linen trousers, both long and cropped, in Sainsbury's at the moment.

Think they come in different leg lengths, and they are not that expensive so may be a starting point. If you find they are what you want, you could maybe invest in some better quality, although I have the navy cropped ones and they have been in and out of the wash and seem fine.

TiredMule Thu 23-Jun-11 12:54:21

Thank you-i'll go and have a look there to start with!

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