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Best dry shampoo???

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bigbelle Thu 23-Jun-11 09:02:11

What a beauty staple!! Makes the blow dry last longer & just means I can now snore into my pillow that extra half hour before school run. Oh the glory. However- the telltale 'white powdery' residue can make the hair look rather wig like & dry. I use batiste. Thought about Khlorane but expensive!! Any other suggestions?

LadyClariceCannockMonty Thu 23-Jun-11 16:47:17

Stila (I like the Jade Blossom one for the smell). Not terribly expensive, although not the cheapest, and lovely packaging. <shallow, me?>

PedigreeChump Thu 23-Jun-11 17:39:36

I used to used a designer one (Mark... something, silver and pink packaging) at about £6 a bottle but have converted to the Batiste one for brown hair. I love it! Wouldn't go back to the white stuff now.

katy1katy Thu 23-Jun-11 17:50:33

Message deleted

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