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aghhh I have 24 hours to find a bikini

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whoneedssleepanyway Thu 23-Jun-11 06:45:14

I am going on holiday saturday morning, I had one bikini which is ok but would like a second...

I need to be able to order this for delivery tomorrow, or find it locally (have most of the main shops nearby I can get to tomorrow).

I am 5'10, flat chested, size 10//12, mid 30a

Any ideas i sort of fancy a bandeau one maybe...I saw this black one from M&S but not sure if a bit frumpy and black doesn't really suit me but thought maybe it would be ok for bikini....

whoneedssleepanyway Thu 23-Jun-11 06:45:55

sorry mean mid 30s....not mid 30a (my bra size is bigger than that...marginally blush)

msrisotto Thu 23-Jun-11 06:49:37 have some nice ones

CombineArvester Thu 23-Jun-11 07:53:40

La Senza had some nice styles, I've got this one
disclaimer - my boobs don't look like that in it!

If you've got a house of fraser then this bandeau one is gorgeous on

If you're looking for a bit of colour this one is lovely but not to everyone's taste probably.

H&M tends to do nice bandeau bikinis for the less well endowed.

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