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Can anyone help me with my Ladies Day outfit?

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SupersonicDave Wed 22-Jun-11 20:23:54

I am going to a Ladies Day at a racecourse soon. I decided to wear an old dress that i like and is quite flattering. Need to find a hat.

I look everywhere for a hat, most of them make me look like a right twat or are very expensive. Finally found 2 that i like in Tkmaxx. I buy both to try with my dress. They do not go at all, but i thought "actually, surely finding a dress is easier than finding a hat? I'll get a new dress"

Sounds simple, except i cant find a bloody dress anywhere! Ok, so i am on a rather tight budget, would like to spend around £20 -£30 on a dress, to enable me to buy some shoes too.

The hats are both traditional kind of wedding/racing hats, one is a light coffee colour (suits me the best) and the other is cream and coffee (still unsure on the shape)

My friend brought round a beautiful royal blue dress for me to try, the colour worked really well, but sadly it was never going to go over my boobs. Which leads me on to my size. I am only 5'3" size 10/12 generally but with G cup boobs. Rather matronly hmm Oh, and i am only in my mid twenties, so still want something a bit youngish.

Sorry for the long post, i need help!

Emo76 Thu 23-Jun-11 07:50:32

Have you considered a fascinator or some other kind of hair decoration - accesorize are good for things like that?

SupersonicDave Thu 23-Jun-11 09:08:23

I usually go for something small, but really wanted a hat this year. May have found a dress that would go, just hoping it fits!

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