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Wedding shoes - what did you do?

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NewChoos Wed 22-Jun-11 14:09:25

I have lovely ivory strappy Jimmy Choo sandals that I wore for my wedding. Unfortunately I have grass stains on the heels, so I am wondering whether to

- get shoes cleaned (although unlikely I will wear ivory sandals again, but could just take them out of the box and stroke lovingly every now and then)

- Have them dyed black, as was suggested by SA when I purchased them (could potentially wear them a lot)

- Keep them as they are grass stains et al for memories!

What did you do with your shoes??

TattyDevine Wed 22-Jun-11 14:13:23

Mine are in the loft grin

TattyDevine Wed 22-Jun-11 14:15:15

I had ivory satin knee length come-fuck-me boots.

Nobody knew - My dress was to the floor so only the toes peeked out when I walked.

But I knew wink and he knew grin

But I was a young bride, I probably would choose a tasteful Choo or Gina these days...

NewChoos Wed 22-Jun-11 14:18:10

How frisky grin

Still haven't done anything with my wedding dress (don't really want to examine too closely, the evening was quite a party...) but feel the shoes are a major priority!

LoveInAColdClimate Wed 22-Jun-11 15:33:13

I am going to get mine dyed, but haven't got round it yet and have been married 14 months. I just don't think I'll wear ivory shoes again, and they are very grass stained and a bit watermarked. Am considering pewter...

pommedechocolat Wed 22-Jun-11 15:59:47

I had gorgeous simple round toed Gina's with a good heel. Want to dye them bright pink at some point. Only thing is due to gravel at venue and me walking like an elephant the bottom of the shoe has severe wear so will need some patching up first.

cat64 Wed 22-Jun-11 16:07:11

Message withdrawn

minipie Wed 22-Jun-11 16:22:47

Got mine cleaned and dyed a lovely dove grey colour. Bobbi Shoe Dyer in north london. Not cheap though so only worth it if the shoes were quite pricey to start with.

BulletWithAName Wed 22-Jun-11 16:24:12

I'm not married yet, but I've picked out my dress and shoes.
n fact everything's planned. Just need the cash to pay for it!
I'm sure everyone on S&B would hate my shoes...just a hunch I have [grin

jamaisjedors Wed 22-Jun-11 16:52:32

I got some fairly cheap white sandals for my wedding, they were hidden under my dress so noone saw them, and they were comfy (we danced til 6am!) and I wore them for years afterwards - in fact I think I wore them last summer (got married in 2000).

In your position OP I would dye them.

LeQueen Wed 22-Jun-11 16:58:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PlumSykes Wed 22-Jun-11 17:01:40

For now, have them cleaned, before the stain fixes itself in place. You can always dye them another time.

I had cream Louboutin sandals. Too high to wear again, even if dyed, and DD loves to play with them.

LoveInAColdClimate Wed 22-Jun-11 17:02:05

I remember your beautiful wedding dress from another thread, LeQueen - those sound gorgeous!

Kendodd Wed 22-Jun-11 17:02:12

I wore trainers (white with ribbon for laces!) I was comfy all day and people only got the odd glimpse from under my dress, I thought they looked nice.

bagelmonkey Wed 22-Jun-11 17:02:39

I had a pair of White converse that my bridesmaid decorated with a red ribbon for the shoe laces and a couple of flowery things. Took away the decorations and still wearing them.

LoveInAColdClimate Wed 22-Jun-11 17:07:52

bagelmonkey - I wanted to wear Converse but my mum wouldn't let me... I was 29! The shoes I did wear were very pretty, though.

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