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what's your favourite website for fashion?

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julesrose Wed 22-Jun-11 12:53:44

I'm hopeless and bored at wandering round the shops tying to find stuff I like. Are there any websites where I can look for ideas / looks etc?
I'm imagining good magazine type photos but with affordable clothes.
But also somewhere I can look through a whole load of long sleeve tops (for instance) from a range of shops.

HLSalter Wed 22-Jun-11 16:41:10

I would try

Some of the stuff on there can be expensive though

blossomtrees Wed 22-Jun-11 20:21:35

John Lewis?

gapants Wed 22-Jun-11 20:22:36

house of fraser

TattyDevine Wed 22-Jun-11 20:31:01

I would find a UK blog you like that matches your "look" (aspirational or otherwise) if I were you

Then they do the work for you

So if you are rock chick, or boho, or fuck whatever god I don't even know the "types" anymore...

Yeah don't subscribe to my blog

(To be fair I don't have one, but if I did, um, don't)

Yeah grin

stripeytiger Wed 22-Jun-11 20:38:14

Ebay! If you have firm ideas of what clothes you want/like - just can't go wrong. Loads of brand new clothes if you don't fancy second hand. Brilliant bargains.

I am completely hooked. It's not the same as touching, feeling and looking at clothes in the shops granted, but if you're anything like me, I get an idea of what I want in my head, traipse around the shops and can't find it. End up fed up with sore feet.

monkeysmama Wed 22-Jun-11 20:58:56

From your question you might like Shop Style. You can search for a black top and it'll show you loads from all the high street brands. For fashion I read high end magazines and like my-wardrobe for styling ideas even if you buy high st alternatives. WIT's blog is quite good sometimes - goole Wearing It Today and you'll find her. She works for Red magazine.

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