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hmm - botox might be wearing off - so soon?

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TracyK Wed 22-Jun-11 12:02:18

Argh - had mine done on the 26th May for the 1st time. Love, love, loved the results.
But - noticed a wee change yesterday - eyelids not as lifted and no 11's not so smooth.
Is it a quick downward spiral now - back to normality?
Is the 1st lot not as long lasting?
It was a very reputable clinic and I really liked the doc - should I go back and ask him - or move on somewhere else?

Birdsgottafly Wed 22-Jun-11 12:18:14

See how you go over the next two weeks, i would contact the doctor who did it now, though, just to let him know. It shouldn't be wearing off so quickly but that may stay how it is now for another month, so don't panic. It is individual how long it lasts and some people 'throw off' the first lot quickly but next time it lasts longer. He may offer you a 'top up' special offer especially if he thinks that you are going to be a regular customer.

TattyDevine Wed 22-Jun-11 12:19:29

You should get more than a month. Gosh. Though it might take a good deal longer for the effects to totally wear off.

I'd be inclined to go back and show the doctor what you are talking about. If they don't offer to top you up, I'd look them in the eye and ask them exactly what brand of Botox (botox is a brand, but what brand of the product in general) they are using and see what they say. And I wouldn't go back if they don't top you up free of charge.

Can you frown in your 11's if you try?

Deux Wed 22-Jun-11 12:21:56

I thought it was standard practice to be offered a top-up after 2 weeks?

Thornykate Wed 22-Jun-11 12:24:31

It might be worth going back for a consultation & let the Dr take more photos so that you can both see the changes now in comparison to your pre treatment photos & the photos taken at your 2 week follow up; if I am correct in assuming that you had a follow up & have had pics taken before & after treatment?

It is true that you may need less frequent treatments as time goes on but another factor to consider is which product was used- was it Botox or another brand of Botulinum Toxin?

TattyDevine Wed 22-Jun-11 12:24:50

Not standard, no. A good reputable person often will though.

branstonsandcheese Wed 22-Jun-11 12:28:05

Interesting - mine wears off quickly too, movement comes back very quickly in my 'pulling' muscles and then stays like that for a bit (so not as smooth as right after but not totally worn off), and by about 12 weeks I can do my mega-frown again. My Dr is known for liking a 'natural look' though, maybe he doesn't use much? It's always fine after 2 weeks though so I don't get free top-ups.

My Dr's raised his prices massively so I'm thinking I'll look elsewhere anyway - second the peeps saying to go back to yours!

TracyK Wed 22-Jun-11 12:45:24

He did the before photo with the machine thingy that shows you the sun damage etc - so you can see the eyelids from the side.

I did get a wee top up after 2 weeks - though he did say - it might not do any good - but did them anyway - only 2 wee jabs.

I can't really frown with my no 11's - but mine were more crevices in the skin rather than 'moving lines' iykwim.

I was due to go back today to get a patch test for IPL for later in the year - but had too much work on and cancelled appt. Will make a new appt for next week and ask to have a quick chat with doc when I'm there.

What would a 'good' brand be - if I ask him? or indeed if I am phoning round for a new doc - what is good one to go for?

Birdsgottafly Wed 22-Jun-11 12:58:47

Before you change i would discuss it, as it may be that you have a good resistance, i have heared that if you shake off an anaesthetic etc it may be that your body is good at recovering from alien substances. He may be able to use a different brand or put more in, it is better for it to wear off a bit quicker than it to look very unnatural for three months, but he should have discussed all of this with you.

TattyDevine Wed 22-Jun-11 13:05:43

See, I don't mind all this softly, softly, lets see how it goes, we can always add more later, lets start natural stuff - its all very commendable - as long as the customer/patient is not paying £250 for something that wears off after a month!

If you can do quite a lot for £250 then you can do a bit less for a bit less. As long as you have Botox clincs and are not throwing half vials of the stuff away.

Which I doubt they do. Those receptionists always look fresh as a daisy wink

Deux Wed 22-Jun-11 13:12:24

I meant to say in my earlier post that mine has worn off really quickly.

It only lasted 11 weeks. I wasn't entirely frozen when it was done so had some fine movement, but still, I expected it to last longer. It didn't seem to be a gradual wearing off either. It was like it was there one week and completely gone the next.

Interesting about the resistance idea and I wonder if I'm in that camp. I don't think I will have it done again in the near future.

TracyK Wed 22-Jun-11 13:27:53

Well - I only paid £79 for mine through Groupon - do you think he gave me crappy stuff cos I wasn't paying full whack? Though he did say he ran the groupon deal to get his clinic 'out there' and get loads of new customers - who - I guess- will then pay full whack as a repeat customer - so you'd think he would do the best job he could in the 1st case.
Maybe I'll just be not as 'smooth' for another 8 weeks - but not as bad as I was pre -botox.
Don't know if I would do it again if thats all the time you get out of it. Might go for the IPL as he said you get years of benefit from that - and prob won't need botox after it.

Birdsgottafly Wed 22-Jun-11 13:39:42

There's the word, though, 'probably'. It depends on the effect that you want, IPL won't lift, it tightens and refreshers but if in the future (don't know how old you are) you probably will still want fillers or botox. I went through a phase were i had it regulary but now i am starting to weigh up the other things that i could be spending money on. You don't have to get addicted, but it is nice to try it. I am thinking of treating myself after i have finished the weight loss that i want, it's nice to have the choice to have it or leave it.

Birdsgottafly Wed 22-Jun-11 13:41:13

TBH for that price you carn't complain because a series of facials probably would have cost you the same. If you are paying full price next time, ask questions and price around.

TattyDevine Wed 22-Jun-11 13:47:00

At £79 (was that for one area?) he would not have been making a profit, as Botox is genuinely expensive to buy - though Groupon is a bit about people who don't show up (you still get paid) or use their voucher, etc, so he should have either broken even or made a small profit.

They say Botox is still quite expensive to buy and never a major profit spinner, as there's only so much you can charge, and that most practitioners make about £50 a person in terms of actual profit or thereabouts depending on their overheads etc. But when you consider that you are in and out of there in about 15 minutes it makes it worth it, and I think that's why you often find Dentists doing it too - they are all set up in a clinic, all trained up for needles and anaesthetics and facial aesthetics etc etc and it spins a bit of extra cash into their practice.

And a botox client will often go on to have other things like fillers, or derma roller (that's got to be a nice earner - buy the roller, train in how to use it, watch the cash roll in as it apparently really works but once you've bought the equipment you get to use it over and over as opposed to having to buy botox), IPL, etc.

IPL machines cost a fortune but once paid off, are a nice little earner too I would think.

Any professionals out there who think I'm wrong about any of that do correct me - its sort of just what I've read in magazines and the like, but it might not be 100% so would love to hear from you with inside info grin

TracyK Wed 22-Jun-11 13:47:53

Well -thats what I thought Birds - can't complain for £80 - so if didn't work - no big loss. But I did love the way it was in the beginning (and up till yday tbh).

He did say that he usually leaves botox and fillers till the last thing in a 'project' as a. they might not be needed or b. won't need as much as the skin will be tighter anyway.

Did you get IPL around your eyes Birds? I am looking to 'lift' the hooded eyelids (not too bad - but I notice). and to tighten around the jaw, also to take away slight red veins on cheeks and knackered and lined chest and neck (pigmented neck too.)
Have seen 2 clinics now and they have both said - 'oh your face isn't too bad - I'd be more inclined to sort out your neck and chest!' grrr.

TracyK Wed 22-Jun-11 13:48:15

Am 44.7 btw!

Birdsgottafly Wed 22-Jun-11 14:03:53

It' sgood on your chest and neck.

I first saw this as a medical treatment when working as a HCA for burn victims.

Don't sun bathe and have it otherwise you are wasting your time and money i use a good spf and false tan.

Have you had consultations elsewhere? They are free and will give you something to think about. I didn't have it around my eyes because i had botox and didn't need it. Although it does work on cheeks and jaw (my sister had brillant results on her cheeks), so do other treatments so it is what will suit you personally. It may be that you are focused on your face but your chest is aging you. It depends on what style of clothes that you wear. Perhaps wait to have your face done, it's your money so your choice but ask them exactly what the result will be because some treatments are best in your fifties not fourties.

Thornykate Wed 22-Jun-11 14:44:24

Yes Tatty you're right about the groupon; even if the Dr was buying a lot of Botox in bulk at a great price it's not worth doing.

I don't actually know of any practitioners (myself included) who would do a groupon as it attracts 'tourists' rather than loyal customers who will come back & pay full price for a quality treatment (no offence meant to any groupon buyers it's just not a great marketing tool for aesthetics) & TBH most of us prefer happy regular clients!

I know some of it is personal preference but I only use Botox & there's only a couple of other toxins I would consider using. But theres loads out there & some are very cheap.

Think of it as Botox being like the Fairy liquid of toxins OP but some practitioners are using Asda smart price washing up liquid IYSWIM.

TracyK Wed 22-Jun-11 15:33:03

How would you know Thorny what kind they are using - do they have to disclaim it or something.
I think you are wrong about Groupon and Botox. Where a city is saturated with botox 'practitioners' - how does one choose where to spend their money? I had narrowed it down to a couple of clinics and then this one did a groupon deal (they were on my list anyway) - job done - I went to them. And I can see myself spending thousands over the next 10 years with them (unless they turn out to be 4 week botox givers!)

Thornykate Wed 22-Jun-11 16:02:13

If you have a copy of your consent form or aftercare leaflet it should say on there. Usually the practitioner will say which product they use on consultation, if they don't mention it it's wise to ask them.

I think when comparing practitioners it is a good idea to find out who is using what. A cheap dermal filler can cost 70% less than juvederm but will not last so more annual visits required & it may be more painful on injection.

I left where I was working to set up by myself & was initially v worried about getting new clients in but word of mouth is the best advert in this industry & it works for me so go to whoever has the best reputation amongst friends etc. I'd also recommend looking at the person doing the treatment as you can see what their own standards of treatment are plus before & after pics of their work.HTH smile

TattyDevine Wed 22-Jun-11 16:20:02

I think it depends as to whether Groupon would attract loyal clients.

If everyone is finding the effects wearing off after a month, then no, it probably won't, because nobody will go back and pay "full price" for that when they had it for £79 and were surprised at how little it lasted.

But if you went along and were really happy with the results for 3 or 4 months, with it gradually wearing off, you'd probably go back from a "better the devil you know" point of view - what I mean is, you hear horror stories of people getting botox and it goes in the wrong place etc so if you've had a succesful treatment, and are basically happy and have to pay full price somewhere else anyway then you may as well go back to your practitioner - why fix what's not broken, etc.

I do agree about "tourists" though - I have bought Groupon deals where I'd have to travel 45 minutes or more - really good deals on highlights etc - and I wouldn't go back to pay full price there, because anybody can do reasonable highlights, but for £32 for half a head and a cut and finish, who's complaining about a little car ride?

So you'd probably get a bit of both with the Botox I suspect but not make much profit in the meantime.

TracyK Wed 22-Jun-11 16:41:43

I've often not bothered with some groupon deals if it is too far away. I'm about 45 mins from city centre - so would go there - but not out the other side of the city.
Plus I have my own hairdresser/beauty salon that I am happy with locally - so it would only be for something I hadn't had before/been thinking about anyway - that I'd try the Groupon thingy.
One of my clients I work for did a groupon deal - and sold 300 odd deals - that was 300 (x 3 as it was for 3 people) - that wouldn't have used them if it hadn't been for the deal. Some will come back, some won't. But it covered a couple of salaries in the quiet season when the staff were sitting about twiddling their thumbs.
I guess - word of mouth - is enough if you are only covering your own costs - but if you have a four floor, city centre practice (in 3 cities) - they might not want to only rely on word of mouth.

topsi Wed 22-Jun-11 16:55:52

I would say that there are 4 makes of botulinum toxin available in this country under license all of them good quality. I expect it is the ammount the practitioner has put in that makes the difference to how long it lasts. Saying that it can vary from person to person, area of the fact treated and will probably wear off quicker on your first treatment.
I do know someone that it only ever lasts for about a month or so no matter what she does.
I would think that at £79 no profit could be mde after overhead etc. but I guess it is a good way to get foot fall through the door.
As said before fillers can vary alot in price and recently the number of new products on the market has risen dramatically. Fillers are classes as medical devices and not drugs so undergo less testing before they are released to the public and there fore would be simpler for a company to produce.
I would stick to products manufactured by the 3 big names in the business: Allergan, Galderma and Merz. They all produce their own toxin and fillers and I would be happy with the quality of their products.

Jammygal Wed 22-Jun-11 22:00:39

Anyone know any recommendable botox peops in Cardiff or swansea????

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