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OCM- did I do it wrong?

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Aworryingtrend Wed 22-Jun-11 08:31:32

So, arriving fashionably late to the party as always, after being inspired on here I decided to try the Oil Cleansing Method last night. It has left my skin very soft and shiny as DH helpfully pointed out but this is not really what I was after. My yucky dry patches are still very much in evidence.

Here's what I did:

- Used posh extra virgin olive oil
- put said oil on face (I didn't wet my face first- should I?)
- was planning to massage oil into face but it sort of sank right in- iI had been expecting it to sit on my face.
- So I added more and kind of rubbed it around
- then I got a very very hot flannel and laid on top of oily face til I got bored for a few minutes
- then I wet flannel again with hot water and wiped oil off
- repeat
- then splashed with cold water

My face still felt a bit oily after wards though so I'm not sure I got rid of all the oil- or is that normal?

Any suggestions gratefully received or I will be returning the olive oil back to its rightful home tonight.

otchayaniye Wed 22-Jun-11 09:00:04

Keep wringing the flannel out in hot water and removing the oil, maybe three or so times? Different oils can leave more residue -- castor oil feels thick and oily but is actually drying if anything. Sunflower oil is neutral, you could use almond oil, or that waitrose bottom butter (I have that in one bathroom)

Try again for a week I'd say and if you don't like it, give up. Not everyone suits this method.

otchayaniye Wed 22-Jun-11 09:00:52

some residue (not an oil slick) is good as that is effectively the moisturising barrier. You don't need to apply cream after this.

otchayaniye Wed 22-Jun-11 09:01:28

sorry, last post I promise. I find a ten pence amount does the job.

Aworryingtrend Wed 22-Jun-11 09:22:48

Thank you Otchayaniye that is very helpful. I am keen to persue it as I like the idea of using more natural (and cheaper!) products.

Is there a particular oil you would recommend for dry/sensitive skin? Not castor I imagine if that is drying?

otchayaniye Wed 22-Jun-11 09:35:33

erm, I have dry sensitive skin and find some castor/some sunflower is ok for me, but maybe try a really plain oil. Like sunflower. Or jojoba (though that's pricey)

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