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Brora Sale now on!

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katy1katy Wed 22-Jun-11 00:08:43

Message deleted

dexter73 Wed 22-Jun-11 07:40:46

I ordered my stuff on Monday!grin

Euphemia Wed 22-Jun-11 09:35:17

Bagged myself a lovely cardi this morning. grin

Do they introduce further reductions later? I fancy one of the hooded jumpers but they're still too expensive!

dexter73 Wed 22-Jun-11 09:43:47

I love the hoodies too. They will do further reductions in a couple of weeks or so.

PredictableDullard Wed 22-Jun-11 09:44:46

which cardie euph? i try not ot buy from brora cos the staff in the shop are utter nobs.

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