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Whether you’re a beauty novice or a confirmed fashionista, this topic is for consulting Mumsnetters on all things style-related. Plus, check out our Swears By page for the inside track on the next Mumsnet must-have.

What are we wearing today?

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iWILLdothis Tue 21-Jun-11 11:45:45

I'm wearing:
this crinkled long white maternity maxi skirt
Black maternity t-shirt
Black cardi
Flip flops

herbietea Tue 21-Jun-11 11:48:43

Message withdrawn

iWILLdothis Tue 21-Jun-11 12:51:11

off-topic alert!
herbietea..... just out of interest, do you find the Skechers tone-ups good? I remember that you have back/spinal/SPD? related problems to the extent of needing surgeries etc..... I have terrible PGP (on crutches last pg, expecting the same this time round, and PGP never left after previous pg, goodness knows what it will do to me after this pregnancy.....). I'm wearing last year's Fit Flops but they really look done but I can't afford new ones right now. afaik, tone-ups are cheaper.....BUT are they as good as fit flops for my/our kinda problems? THanks

BulletWithAName Tue 21-Jun-11 12:55:24

This blue ditsy chiffon dress
Gold ballet pumps

Awomancalledhorse Tue 21-Jun-11 12:57:57

PJ bottoms.
Nothing on top <beats chest like Tarzan, softly though as lady lumps are tender>

Stupid morning sickness!!

bogle Tue 21-Jun-11 13:00:59

mid blue Whistles short dress/long top
dark blue straight jeans
green havanias (sp?)

going out in a sec so will add:
Carvela green shoe boots
navy 'Audrey style' Cos coat

GeorginaWorsley Tue 21-Jun-11 13:04:31

Gap beige cropped chinos
Boden navy ruched neck vest top
Kew natural coloured linen tie cardigan
Clarks silver ballet pumps

MrsCampbellBlack Tue 21-Jun-11 13:07:00

Neutral hasbeens
Sharkskin agnes trousers
White vest top
Coral coloured goat cardigan
Black feather pendant

LuckyMrsT Tue 21-Jun-11 13:49:36

Topshop black skinny maternity jeans
H & M black maternity strappy vest top

DS is 3 months...

...I started the Tracy Anderson post pregnancy DVD yesterday. Real clothes here I come.

dolceebanana Tue 21-Jun-11 14:02:09

indigo skinny jeans
white vest
indian silver long necklace with turquoise stone
navy cropped cashmere cardi (cos it's freezing!!)
oxblood Tods.

hello mrscb!

beautifulswan Tue 21-Jun-11 14:09:06

Indigo blue Planet jeans (straight leg)
Vero moda black tunic
dark tan hobbs sandals, I should probably be wearing black shoes

JohnniesBitch Tue 21-Jun-11 14:31:57

black boden leggings
black and floral print, jersey tea dress/tunic type affair, with wrap over effect on front (not sure hwere form as cut label out and had it years)
and the dreaded mumsnet waterfall cardigan from next.

in my defence its been sat on the back of my office chair for ages and its cold in the office today.

shoes at moment i have cheapy asda £2 black flip flops, to swap for dune wedge peep toe when i leave the office or if a client comes in.

dexter73 Tue 21-Jun-11 14:33:09

Dark blue straight jeans
blue/green/white check shirt
dark grey vest
green ballet shoes

tulpe Tue 21-Jun-11 14:34:18

Topshop vintage-wash Marthas, turned up to ankle skimming length
Topshop green silk blouse with white polka dots, short sleeved
H&M White vest top layered underneath blouse
Top Shop black ballet pumps

redllamayellowllama Tue 21-Jun-11 14:36:38

Tan plaited clogs
Earhart flight trousers in khaki
Coral drape front 3/4 length French Connection top

pink4ever Tue 21-Jun-11 14:39:41

New look dark blue bootleg jeans<blows raspberry to bootleg haters>
white t-shirt-sainsburys
Navy and white striped jersey cardigan-phase eight
necklace and bracelet-Wallis

pink4ever Tue 21-Jun-11 14:40:23

gold ballet pumps-new look

jimswifein1964 Tue 21-Jun-11 14:41:33

Black Primarni dress
La senza pants&bra
hand-me-down shoes

allhailtheaubergine Tue 21-Jun-11 14:45:36

Do people really read these and care what other people are wearing? Honest question. I just like telling everyone what I'm wearing grin.

Today I am wearing an A-line, ankle length, mushroom colour broderais Anglais skirt with a chocolate brown knit cotton v-neck fitted top. Gold flip flops. Multi-tiered polished pebble necklace.

BulletWithAName Tue 21-Jun-11 14:46:20

Me too aubergine!

blindassassin Tue 21-Jun-11 14:49:19

Johnnie B tan flat ankle boots
Olive houlihans
Boden cream/green stripe breton
Denim jacket
Gap cream/green scarf

Mumelie Tue 21-Jun-11 14:55:22

New Look black skinnies (well, look more like straight legs as are now a size too big) grin
GAP brenton top
Black leather fitflop supertones
Socks pants and bra smile

LadyClariceCannockMonty Tue 21-Jun-11 14:56:10

Black leggings, M&S I think.
Black and white bird-print sleeveless dress/tunic thing, Dorothy P
Brown cotton chunky-knit cardie, Phase Eight

Will put on ballet flats to go out later. Hmmm, silver or black ...?

madammecholet Tue 21-Jun-11 14:57:17

its cold here...........

Gap Curvy jeans in dark wash <to hide backside>
HOBBS breton top, Navy/white <bought with RED Mag Freebie voucher in Feb>
Brown jeans belt with big gold buckle - vintage
Purple Massimo Dutti cardigan <as its JUNE and i'm COLD>
Brown cowboy boots and woolly socks..grin

cookielove Tue 21-Jun-11 15:01:20

Gap grey jogging bottoms
Fat face orange t shirt that says surf angel on the back (of course i can surf wink)

That is it, as off work for a week not that you need to know that but hey i'm telling everyone.

I could also wear this outfit to work.

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