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S and B save my legs!!!!

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anon80 Mon 20-Jun-11 21:21:38

I epilate my legs this hasn't helped much to give a nice smooth look,which is what im aiming for

-They have red dots of them in random places
-I get hairs that stick under my skin but dont leave a red mark but take ages to sort out
-Also seem to have a few bumps on my legs that are my skin colour
-Also my legs are not an even colour
-Seem to also have pore holes!!!
-I have streach marks down the side of my legs too
-Fake tan comes out patchy and looks orange in places, i use dove summer glow..................

................ is that too much? is there just no hope...are my legs doomed?

How do you take care of YOUR legs?

TattyDevine Mon 20-Jun-11 21:27:15

Well, what do you do? Do you exfoliate? Exfoliation and the right moisturiser is the answer to most leg-hair-bump- problems I'm led to believe...

Something with AHA's in it? Anti ingrown hair wipes? etc etc...

anon80 Mon 20-Jun-11 21:40:41

I do exfoliatate - but it doesnt seem to do anything! whats it supposed to do? i moisturise lots too

kyacat Mon 20-Jun-11 21:51:24

I have to say I had the same problem when I tortured my legs with removed hair with an epilator. I ended up binning it and going back to waxing. I read somewhere the way the epilator grabs the hair and pulls it out can distort the hair follicle as it's not always the right way, in the direction of growth. So you get more ingrown hairs.

My legs are better with waxing but pretty much everything irritates them. Exfoliate the day before so they are not too sensitive when you remove the hair. Normal moisturiser doesn't help, I need to get out the big guns - Savlon just after hair removal, then aloe Vera gel which is very soothing. And pure coconut oil every day helps keep them from drying out. No advice on the ingrown hairs, as I just pick at them grin but now I am back to waxing or shaving, I definitely have less.

SoozleQ Mon 20-Jun-11 23:06:48

I have this problem and the only solution I have found is daily scrubbing in the shower with one of those exfoliating shower gloves. It takes a while to work and you need to keep epilating regularly too but eventually the ingrown hairs and bumps do go. You need to be dedicated though!

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