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What to wear on TV?

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ABitBatty Mon 20-Jun-11 20:36:44

I am going to be in the audience on Question Time on Thursday- what is the best thing to wear?

I am short 5' 2", size 14, fat legs (but will be sat down so that probably doesn't matter) darkish hair below shoulders with a slight tan.

Boat neck top type things seem quite flattering on me ( I think!)

Would it be best to wear black? Or will that make me look like Morticia?

Will the lights make my hair look darker or lighter (grey roots) ? Will it show up my 'tash?

Don't want Dimbleby to make a mistake 'that man in the purple' grin

Cattleprod Mon 20-Jun-11 20:40:07

Don't wear hounds tooth or any other small pattern that will 'strobe', and don't wear anything emblazoned with a big logo.

Is it being shot in HD? If so, best lose the tash. grin

I reckon ultramarine blue. Will show off your tan and is bright without being loud.

BitOfFun Mon 20-Jun-11 20:49:08

I would sort your roots out and wear slightly heavier makeup than usual (if you wear any). I always used to find that the lights could make your face a bit shiny without powder.

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