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What to do with Loose Diamonds?

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JennyWarrior Mon 20-Jun-11 08:32:06

I have two good quality loose diamonds. a 0.5 carat diamond that used to be part of an earring that broke 20 years ago , and another loose diamond. I was thinking of selling them, but you get so little compared to what you paid for. My sister recommends I buy a ring setting (without a stone) and have the stone put in. My real engagement ring is a plain 14k gold band. I wouldn't mind upgrading to a real looking ring with a diamond.
But it wouldn't be romantic. Because it was my diamond from years ago and even if my DH paid for the setting, I would be the one picking it out because he doesn't know anything about jewelry. It would be nicer than my wedding band, but it wouldn't feel like a real engagement ring.
Also, i am really busy with work and kids and don't have time to shop around. But I noticed there are many online stores like Tiffanys,, whiteflash that you can buy a setting for in 5 minutes and some like James Allen offer free international shipping (some are in the US).
On the other hand, we need a new plasma TV and if i sold the diamonds it would help alot with the television purchase, even though you get a fraction of what you paid for when you sell back diamonds.

Is it stupid of me to want to suddenly acquire an engagement ring for myself? SOme of my friends think I should have use the diamonds for a necklace, my sister says I should make use of the diamond and create an engagement ring. My kids could use a new teleivision...but then again, kids don't need to watch so much TV!

LaurieFairyCake Mon 20-Jun-11 08:43:19

They are your diamonds - what do you want? Instead of thinking about others needs and wants if you really want an engagement ring you have other options - you could sell them and then put the money towards a new ring that you and dh could go shopping for. Or if you like the diamonds themselves then you could design a ring that you really like (it doesn't have to be about dh it can be just about you smile)

I feel strongly that it should be about you.

Bumperlicioso Mon 20-Jun-11 08:55:42

Doesn't have to be an engagement ring. What about pairing the diamonds up with a relatively inexpensive coloured gemstone. My engagement ring is pink sapphire with a small diamond either side and it's beautiful. I say that, I'm not sure how much other gem stones even cost, I just assume the bulk of my ring cost was the diamonds and platinum band.

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