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Pros and Cons of using ColourB4 and ColourB4 Extra Strength

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TattyDevine Sun 19-Jun-11 17:26:55

Lots of people have heard about ColourB4 which is relatively new to the market, it is a product that reverses the hair colouring process using Hydrosulphate which basically shrinks the artificial colour molecules that are deposited into the hair shaft during the colouring process, allowing them to be rinsed away.

I'm not a professional and I don't have any "shares" in the product but I have used it on myself and several friends, did a lot of research beforehand and know a fair bit about it. I would recommend it in that I think most people don't have anything to lose by trying it because it is not expensive and it doesn't damage your hair (it drys it a bit but that can be easily reversed with intense conditioning) - but it doesn't cause structural damage in the way bleach can.

It is my experience that ColourB4 works very well on people with reds and brown dyes, particularly well if its a "one off mistake", and not so well on people with lots of build up of blacks and dark browns (though it can still be very worthwhile) and not so well on people who have used Schwarzkoft Live XXL colours or colours containing silicone, particularly if they use a lot of heat styling. It won't necessarily remove "cuticle staining" either though it has been used to remove "Directions" dye and worked - however it is not designed for this use, if you try it and it works, so much the better, but there are no guarantees.

It doesn't necessarily expose grey in that you can't just "go grey" by using it but you will actually find it does expose a lot of your grey, but if you have anything other than blonde hair, you will also expose a lot of ginger hair. Why? Because the peroxide in semi and permenant colours bleaches your hair "underneath" the colour molecules and is what helps deposit them into the hair shaft; when the colour is washed away this "partly bleached" hair is left when you splash bleach on your black jeans by accident and get an orange patch.

Pros of colour B4:
Its affordable and can be used at home
It can fix a disaster, at least to the point where you can colour over it - if you have 10 different shades of red, for instance, you can never really go brown on top without that red shining through, but if you use colour b4, you will expose a gingery pink that can be covered and toned using an ashy brown;
It avoids the use of bleach and whilst it wont necessarily improve the condition of your hair, it won't impose major structural damage on it the way bleach can - it seems to be the kinder option
Even if it doesn't get you to your ideal shade, it will remove a lot of colour build up, allowing you to do a simple over-colour. Some people have so much build up they can't be "bleached" (i.e a hairdresser has refused to do highlights on them) - it can at least get you to the point where you can, like me, do a light ash brown and then have highlights - this got me to a dark blonde which I never would have been able to do with my 10 types of red! I would have had to grow them out or block bleach. That would have been a bad result.

Cons of colour B4:
It stinks a bit - sort of like hangover farts grin - a yucky eggy smell. Its not majorly strong but it does stink a bit and hangs around a bit in a subtle but unpleasant way for a few days;
It is time consuming, leaving it on for an hour and rinsing and clarifying etc;
You cannot use Semi Permenant or Permenant dye straight afterwards - you are supposed to wait 7 days and 3 washes so your old colour cannot reoxidise;
Despite this, sometimes with particularly dark and stubborn colours, you will get a little bit of reoxidisation anyway - my friend with blacks in her hair got it down to a mid-darkish gingery greyish brown but within a couple of weeks the last few inches were almost black again, even though she rinsed for 15 minutes (I was there, and she drained my hot water tank so I know!)

I used it to remove lots of reds and browns in my hair. It did what is said on the tin, it did leave behind a pink hue which was more cuticle staining from vegetable dyes than anything else. There is a picture on my profile of this. You will also see a picture of when I dyed over it with Nice n Easy 114 Light Ash Brown, so you will see that I was able to kill off the pinks and warm hues and get it to a nice light to mid natural brown, so the process was worthwhile.

I would not honestly say I felt it damaged my hair - it felt dryer, but it was being rinsed and washed so much (I did two boxes) that I felt it would have anyway. A couple of days of deep conditioning and it was fine. I then did permenant dye and a whole head of bleach highlights and achieved a Jennifer Aniston blondish colour and it still looked fine so it can't be that bad! I have now gone brunette and still have shiny healthy looking hair, somehow. If I'd bleached out my reds, I doubt this would be the case.

The biggest downside of this product is that you cannot re-colour straight away, and have to brave the ginger it may expose or make do with Nice n Easy level one 8 wash colours to cover over your ginger in the meantime. These do work, I braved it out for 5 days and it was fine. Its just not ideal. They don't really cover grey properly either so if you have a lot of grey, prepare to have a week of bad har. Do it in the school holidays and buy a baseball cap or chic hat for day trips!

If you think you want to try the product, you really have nothing to lose, but read the instructions and do your research.

Here is Scott Cornwall's facebook page - you can ask him questions, he does answer! You can glean a lot of information from other people's questions and answers. Look also at "discussions" and "links". In the links there are some reviews on Beauty Blogs.

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