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Undergarment OCD.

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MoonGirl1981 Sun 19-Jun-11 13:49:11

My SiL saws I have OCD (possibly true - but not because of this) because I only wear matching bras and knickers.

They come in sets, right? Wearing the set together is surely the obvious thing to do, much the same way as wearing two matching socks or matching pajama top with matching pajama bottom?

Also you need clean undies every day, so they may as well match. Yes?

I enjoy wearing nice underwear. I strongly agree about your undergraments being the source of how you look and feel.

I also put them away together (bra folded in half, one cup inside the other, knickers wedged in behind and lined up in a drawer) and apparantly this is OCD too and will lead to terrible things. Surely it just makes them easier to find?

Have I OCD? Or am I just very sensible?


TheStallionOfSensibleness Sun 19-Jun-11 13:52:03

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

mumblechum1 Sun 19-Jun-11 13:52:31

I don't know whether you have OCd but I rarely have matching undies

UkeHunt Sun 19-Jun-11 13:52:43

tell your SIL to feck off out of your knicker drawer, the weirdy

TheStallionOfSensibleness Sun 19-Jun-11 13:53:27

this thread done many a time
people wear matching
people dont
they discuss
the end

KurriKurri Sun 19-Jun-11 13:55:31

You are definitely bonkers, but in a harmless way, - you carry on matching your underwear if it makes you happy.

You are lucky to be so organised. My mornings consist of stumbling out of bed half awake rooting around in the ironing basket for clean pants and bra and putting on the first things that come to hand.

dexter73 Sun 19-Jun-11 13:58:06

Depends on what I'm wearing. If I have a dark top and light trousers then I would wear a dark bra and light pants. I just shove all myundies in the drawer so to find a matching pair would be a miracle!

DuchessEm Sun 19-Jun-11 18:43:57

It also depends on what size you are. I am very small on top - to the point of resorting to wearing vests for a number of years blush - and when sized by M&S as a 34aa (which didn't actually fit, but was 'the best we can do' hmm ) I found that underwear stores rarely make matching pants to go with this size. Having recently been fitted by a lovely woman at House of Fraser as not being a 34AA, but in fact a 30C I now have the joy of matching pants!! grin But having gone for years and years not being able to match my bra to my pants, I usually still pull any out of the drawer without much thought, unless I am wearing something that requires a certain colour underneath.

I don't think you are OCD and you should carry on as you are! <Secretly wishes underwear draws were as organised as moongirl's> grin

Dancergirl Sun 19-Jun-11 19:31:57

Errm, I don't wear a clean bra every day. Does anyone?

piprabbit Sun 19-Jun-11 19:36:37

My underwear doesn't come in matching sets.

springbokscantjump Sun 19-Jun-11 19:50:55

I don't think its weird. My mom is like this and gets all irritated when she knows I'm not wearing matching underwear because 'I may be in an accident'. I love the fact that she thoinks paramedics etc care at all whether my bra matches my knickers when cutting my clothes off - 'Ooh wait stop she's got white knickers and a blue bra on, let's just leave her as is'

pfbornot Sun 19-Jun-11 19:54:56

I don't think it's wierd, I thnk it's fine BUT I don't do it because I change my knickers every day but don't change my bra every day. The vast majority of my stuff is black though so it usually "matches".

ThePathanKhansWoman Sun 19-Jun-11 20:01:20

When i have matching underwear i'll be properly grown-up, can't wait.

superjobeespecs Sun 19-Jun-11 20:08:19

ive worn matching undies since i was 13. i buy some sets and some just match in general i.e black, white, lemon, blue etc. like if i buy a pretty bra i'll look for pants/undies to match before i'll wear it. makes me feel good about myself smile and OH likes it too hmm he loves that once he's seen a pretty bra strap he knows exactly what undies ive got on blush my randy git grin

WhipMeIndiana Sun 19-Jun-11 20:10:24

wear matching for best/to send a signal to dh to rock the cock grin rest of the time I am asda sale bin random underwear wheel of fortune type.

WhipMeIndiana Sun 19-Jun-11 20:11:22

'tell your SIL to feck off out of your knicker drawer, the weirdy'

made me hurt my tummy laffing

Al0uiseG Sun 19-Jun-11 20:13:57

I love you WhipMeIndiana!

It's norkage that's the problem, you need different cantilevering and different articulation for different tops! So bra-age comes first then the Knicks. If they match it's a fucking miracle bonus.

WhipMeIndiana Sun 19-Jun-11 20:15:35

agree - different cantilevering.

do you know, I have bras <that all fit, BTW> from a 32B up to a 34DD

Al0uiseG Sun 19-Jun-11 20:15:44

Having said that I do keep bras and Knicks in separate drawers and ever so slightly colour coded so that the Knicks can be grabbed according to colour.

WhipMeIndiana Sun 19-Jun-11 20:17:08

some pants do better at different times of the month also..
I have
-pants fit to travel with
-pants for a long drive
-pants to jog in
-pants to wear under tight jeans
-those sucker-inner pants
-pants comfy enough to sleep in

Al0uiseG Sun 19-Jun-11 20:17:20

Sizing is a contentious issue. Mine go from 36d to 38c, it's not a precise science.

<invites scientists to solve the great brassiere issue>

swanker Sun 19-Jun-11 20:17:57

Moongirl- that is exactly how I store my underwear- I am have absolutely in no way any OCD tendencies!

Al0uiseG Sun 19-Jun-11 20:19:24

Oh, and pants that can only be worn once due to the teeth marks and ripping they are bought to suffer.

WhipMeIndiana Sun 19-Jun-11 20:19:30

I am severely bound by budget with new underwear, recently rejected a M&S set for £14 and for the same money got 2 beautiful and comfy and just as supportive sets from Primark,. one turquoise with pink spots from theri vintage collection, and one white with coloured mini flower pattern and black lace round edges #underwearbragger

WhipMeIndiana Sun 19-Jun-11 20:20:45

Woah - - did you say teeth marks? Id fucking kill dh if he marked my undies!! <he's more into v short dresses with no knickers on>

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