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Are Evans shoes big for size

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VivaLeBeaver Fri 17-Jun-11 18:24:27

i,m borderline size 14/16 in clothes so don't shop in Evans. But I saw some nice shoes in the window so went and tried them on. I'm normally a 5 in shoes and their size 5 was massive. The sales assistant said it was because their shoes are wider, but it wasn't the width, i could get 2 fingers in the back of the shoe. They didn't have a 4 for me to try.

If I order a 4 online surely there is a good chance it will fit as it will be smaller. Sales assistant didn't seem to think it would work as it would still be too wide. But the 5 didn't feel wide, it felt too long. I have to get the wide shoes in next so I do think I have fat feet.

GreenTeapot Fri 17-Jun-11 19:01:12

IME (which is limited) they're average size. I have 2 pairs from them and find them wider than average but normal length.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 17-Jun-11 19:37:48

Thanks, I'm going to risk it and order the 4. I hate online shopping, such a pain returning stuff if its not right.

ggirl Fri 17-Jun-11 19:41:30

I usually have to take a 7 and in evans can wear a 5.

ggirl Fri 17-Jun-11 19:43:31

tis cos they're wide
bloody comfy tho

platanos Fri 17-Jun-11 19:47:35

i ordered a pair in my normal size (5), and as you say, they were too long.

GwendolineMaryLacey Fri 17-Jun-11 19:49:01

Yup and then some. I've always found them massive.

GreenTeapot Fri 17-Jun-11 20:01:01

<examines feet anxiously>

WholeLottaRosie Fri 17-Jun-11 20:03:37

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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