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Good, cheap hairdressers in South London?

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MackerelOfFact Fri 17-Jun-11 14:17:07

Does such a thing exist? I used to go to an amazing place in Essex where they charged me £13 and did a fantastic job every time. I've been braving Supercuts of late and they're always way more expensive than advertised (and their tarrifs seem weird) and they only do a satisfacroty job. Plus I hate not having an appointment and just waiting.

So, any reccomendations? My hair is thick, wavy, below shoulder length and neglected, if that helps. Would be prepared to go as far out as Croydon, but Bromley is a bit of a pain to get to

valiumredhead Fri 17-Jun-11 15:44:33

£13? When was that, 1970? wink

MackerelOfFact Fri 17-Jun-11 16:25:38

Haha, no, the last time I went there was about 18 months ago. It was for a dry cut, or a wet cut if I turned up with pre-washed wet hair and didn't want it blow dried. It was bloody bargainous, I don't expect to find anywhere else that cheap, but <£40 with the option not to have my hair washed or blow dried would be perfect.

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