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OOOOOh!!! What a sight

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Cholom Thu 16-Jun-11 18:02:49

Help!!! Stuck in a rut!!!Putting on weight, and very conscious of being a bit porky- but cant stop eating.Love food and wine- keep thinking I'll start tomorrow.. but guess what- end of another flabby day!!

chinateacup Thu 16-Jun-11 18:22:44

Start on Monday. Give yourself a few days to get rid of unhealthy stuff from the house (ok others are more disciplined than me but i need it all OUT) and do a shop for lots of salady stuff, yoghurts, fruit, lean meat etc. Have a look at your local sports centre online - most municipal ones have a huge range of classes now that are fairly cheap and open to non members. Buy yourself a good sports bra and some new leggings/ trackies and a sportswear top so you feel good doing it. Work out what your goal is - weight loss/ clothes fitting/ toning up. I used to highlight my calendar one colour for healthy eating day (completed) and another colour for sport done. Simple but spurred me on.
You can eat lovely food that is low cal just need to look for recipes/ sustitute the obvious bad stuff. Try goodfood website, or weightwatchers. And if you do want a glass of wine or a choccie, have it. But don't think oh f-it I might as well finish the lot - learn to enjoy smaller (sized) treats and pleasures.
And don't make a big thing about what you're doing. Just get on with it. Friends are often the worst saboteurs of good intentions! Don't rely on anyone else to do it for you. Don't forget the exercise. It makes a huge difference physically and mentally as you grow stonger/ more stamina you realise just how amazing you really are and what you can achieve...

Good luck. smile

Cholom Sat 25-Jun-11 13:23:19

Thanks. Hadnt got back to you because of a family crisis. All sorted now. Had adapted some suggestions and feeling a lot better for it. Also didnt go at diet exercise regime in a mad way- have just incorporated aspects. Also made myself have a few early nights- more sleep helps-stops the snacking. Thank you again

chinateacup Mon 04-Jul-11 21:41:37

Well done smile how's it all going? Sleep always helps with EVERYTHING!

TaudrieTattoo Mon 04-Jul-11 21:48:53

Weight watchers pro points. The only diet I've ever tried that works. Amazing. Am wearing jeans I haven't been able to wear for two years and feel great - haven't been hungry, don't even really feel like I'm on a diet.

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