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ok another im getting married in 6 weeks thread and I need help please ladies!!

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gateacre1 Thu 16-Jun-11 17:18:18

Ok its confirmed registrar is booked at chelsea registry office
but I have nothing else organised
we have 2 dd 3 yo and 5 month old

I need suggestions for dress/shoes/ ( do I need flowers)
im 5'3 size 10 with ample boobies
I hate high heels but would wear a little heel for one day

Also need restaurant suggestions 14 adults 2 kids 2 infants
I was thinking set menu somewhere can anyone reccommend (italian/french) budget up to 35 per head
thanks x

cremeeggsbenedict Thu 16-Jun-11 18:01:24

Can't help too much on the dress as am completely unstylish, but have you thought about the Bluebird Cafe for the meal. It's a D&D restaurant and is normally very pleasant. You should be able to do £35 per head there and could walk from Chelsea RO as it's down by Battersea bridge.

I did once see a wedding reception at Pizza Express on the Kings Road. It looked great fun - I was a bit jealous as at the time we were planning an enormous circus wedding due to family pressure and I just wanted something simple.

cookie9 Thu 16-Jun-11 18:03:22

Monsoon do a nice range of ready to wear and if bf you could try Seraphine and their multiway wedding dress. Oxfam in leather head stock sample wedding dresses so should have a dress in your size as wedding shops tend to stock larger sizes only.
Not sure what restaurants are nearby. Italian do tend to be quite child friendly IMO.
If looking for wedding favours then you can get personalised m and ms which might be fun.

26minutes Thu 16-Jun-11 18:08:31

No suggestions really, sorry as I'm nowhere near just wanted to say good luck and enjoy! I got married on Sat, only 5 weeks planning, 13 of us in total, our parents, SIL & her DH & girls plus our 3 DC. Loved it, it went so quick but was perfect, no stress, no hassle, really calm & relaxed. We had wedding, group photos at reg office, then everyone went back to ours while DH & I went to the beach for photos then we had a Beefeater 'reception'. Was fab, you'll have a great, perfect day. Dresswise this is what I wore. Was perfect for the day & size & style of wedding.

gateacre1 Thu 16-Jun-11 19:04:22

thanks everyone for your replies
cremeeggsbenedict we thought of the bluebird cafe think I will make some calls
thanks for the dress suggestions I will look into them, may pop to bluewater and see if I can get everything I need in one go

kids dress x 2
kids shoes x 2

26minutes Fri 17-Jun-11 08:04:12

We got DDs dress & the boys uits from BHS, they had quite a lot of choice, some really lovely stuff. Also Pumpkin Patch & Gap have had some lovely,'weddingy' stuff in this year.

Shoes - I can't remember if there's a Barratts in Bluewater. They had quite a big choice of weddign shoes and not breaking the bank either. Could try their website if there's not one up there.

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