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Love fly london wedge sandls, but too pricey... help!

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BulstrodeTheApatosaurus Wed 15-Jun-11 15:34:38

Hi Folks,
Basically I need a new pair of wedge style sandals that will get me through running around with my 2 DSs (4 and 2 1/2)
but still look smart enough for work. I'd prefer if they had a bit of a heel (as I lack ankles and flat shoes
make me look like the one eyed witch from the Dark Crystal)

I fell in love with these:

Which look comfy but still reasonably 'funky' so I don't feel like I'm wearing my mother's shoes.
They are pricey though and DH is alternating between working a 2 day, 2 day and no day week so
I don't feel right spending that money on shoes.
Any ideas?
sandals also have to be wide fitting.

ggirl Wed 15-Jun-11 15:35:18

have you tried ebay

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