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Red Ballet Pumps

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MrsAlwaysRight Wed 15-Jun-11 14:14:46

Has anyone seen any nice red ballet pumps? I am after quite a bright shade of red and a fairly plain style. I have a vision of them in my head but can't quite find what I'm after in reality! TIA

Mumelie Wed 15-Jun-11 14:18:42

Boden ones are nice and have 20% off at the moment - I found I needed to size up one size though.

ceebeegeebies Wed 15-Jun-11 14:21:29

H&M have some lovely ones for about £8 (I have a few pairs in different colours and they are very comfy) will see if I can find a link.

ceebeegeebies Wed 15-Jun-11 14:28:16

here you go

EttiKetti Wed 15-Jun-11 15:29:33

do you have a cheapo Jonathan James - I got a gorgeous soft, pair in there for 25UKP, probably the most expensive shoes in the shop wink

PlumSykes Wed 15-Jun-11 15:43:28

I have a Topshop pair, are a great tomato red, bought about 2 weeks ago.. Were £16, nice soft leather, need to go up one size, as always with their ballerinas.

madhousewife Wed 15-Jun-11 19:07:30

new look has a great red pair for 7!

berri Wed 15-Jun-11 20:22:37

Yes 2nd vote for New Look, they have loads of colours and the red is a good pillar-box-red!

goinnowhere Wed 15-Jun-11 20:45:57

The NL ones are brilliant. Lovely red, comfy and last well!

MrsAlwaysRight Wed 15-Jun-11 22:18:10

Thanks for all the suggestions. Off to google them now! smile

PeppaKew Wed 15-Jun-11 22:20:51

Try Kurt Geiger Lily style. Fabulous. I now own about 5 pairs in different colours. Very comfy and they last so worth the money, My red pair made it despite being left in the garden for 2 nights.

MrsAlwaysRight Thu 16-Jun-11 19:30:48

Ooh love the KG Lily ones! How do the sizes come up?

HappyAsIAm Thu 16-Jun-11 19:53:23

LK Bennett had some in their sale in store. Not sure whether they are this season's or not though. Reduced to £49.

MrsAlwaysRight Thu 16-Jun-11 20:01:33

Thanks Happy!

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