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Hen night costume -50s glamour but pg

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Conkertree Wed 15-Jun-11 07:18:45

hi. I am so far from being a style Guru that its laughable, so I have come to ask the advice of you all please?

Going to a hen night at the weekend where the theme is 50s glamour, but as far as I can see from google searches, it mainly involves tight belts over dresses that come down past your knee/big skirts or fairly tight dresses.

I am six months pg with a fairly prominent bump which. Dnt think would look kindly on being constrained behind a tight belt.

Any ideas on what could fit in, preferably with a picture if its not too cheeky? My mum said not to look for 50s pg outfitsm as the last thing they were is glam.


Conkertree Wed 15-Jun-11 07:19:48

Sorry about typing - ipad drives me crazy sometimes but hopefully it's readable.

MilkChic Wed 15-Jun-11 09:12:36

Message deleted

KittyBump Wed 15-Jun-11 09:18:07

i went to a 50s hen do at 32 weeks pg smile i wore a maternity tea dress, i got it from ebay (originally from Next) it worked pretty well as like you say the tiny waist big skirt look was really not possible! have a great time

MilkChic Wed 15-Jun-11 09:33:14

Message deleted

Conkertree Wed 15-Jun-11 09:54:41

Great thanks for the advice. The easiest one to copy might be the straight skirt with the triangle shaped top, and then accessorise with some pearls seems to be a repeating theme in pictures.

zipzap Wed 15-Jun-11 10:37:41

Accessorise something comfy with a feather boa, long White gloves, cigarette holder, little pillbox hat etc grin

Havingkittens Wed 15-Jun-11 14:58:41

Being someone who dresses in 40s and 50s style on a daily basis I have given this subject a lot of thought!

I think the best bet is to get a maternity pencil skirt/stretchy tube skirt, or capri pants and a cute blouse which ties at the waist (or higher, obviously). A lot of rockabilly girls with better figures and less years on earth than me wear cropped tie blouses - ie. ones that tie just below the bust. I think, in pregnancy these would work really well with a very high waisted maternity pencil skirt. Or maybe, use a bit of poetic license and get an empire line maternity blouse, something maybe with polka dots or leopard print with capped sleeves and just leave it untucked over a pencil skirt or capris

Another idea is going for the nautical pin up look. I don't know if they still do such a thing but Topshop used to do maternity sailor trousers which you could pair with a cute stripey top.

You can always play up the glamour side of things with your hair and make up. And nice shoes with fishnets or seamed tights, if you can get maternity versions of them, if not, get a friend to draw the lines up the back of your legs in smudgeproof eyeliner and wear sheer tights on top!

You can get inspiration from looking at sites like this

Conkertree Thu 16-Jun-11 15:39:33

Thankks very much zipzap and kittens - hadnt forgottem about capri trousers and had something similar in my wardrobe so think I will go with them and a blouse, and accessorise with gloves and a few other bits anf bobs.

Thanks for all your help.

MilkChic Fri 17-Jun-11 01:51:10

Message deleted

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